The Rules of Filing a Car Accident Law Suit in New York

Car Accident Law Suit

Bronx Car Accident Lawyers- Car Accident Law Suit

Every collision involving a moving vehicle has the potential to result in death. Even a minor mishap while driving, cycling, or strolling could result in serious injury, pain, and an unfavorable amount of debt. Car Accident Law Suit

When this happens, you may have no choice but to file a claim with personal injury lawyer and there are many law firms that can help you with your case. But our law firm has one of best and experienced attorneys.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as it appears. You’ve got your work cut out for you between demonstrating culpability, accurately filing the claim, and fighting insurance companies. When you consider that you’re already coping with the stress of your injuries, the procedure becomes considerably more difficult—unless you have an ace under your sleeve.

The Rules of Filing a Car Accident Law Suit in New York

  • Submit a Complaint

A lawsuit begins when the plaintiff files a complaint (also known as a “petition” with the court. A complaint is a written document that generally consists of numbered paragraphs that detail what occurred, the alleged damages, and the legal foundation for the action. The case is formally started after the plaintiff submits the complaint.

  • The defendant should be served with the Complaint.

The defendant is notified of the litigation by “serving” them with a copy of the complaint and, in most cases, a “summons.” There are certain guidelines for who may serve the complaint, when it must be served, and how the complaint must be served. These procedures vary by jurisdiction, but the plaintiff typically gets 30 days to serve the defendant. When locating the defendant is difficult, the deadline can normally be extended.

  • Check to see if the incident is covered by an insurance policy.

If you’ve been harmed and believe someone else is legally responsible, you should check to see if that individual has insurance coverage that will pay any injury claims you make. Is the other driver covered by insurance after a vehicle accident? Who owns the property if you slip and fall, and do they have liability insurance? Our attorney can guide you through all of these things

  • Discovery

The process through which the parties share information that is relevant or likely to lead to the discovery of relevant evidence is known as discovery. In most cases, the discovery process includes interrogatories (written questions), demands for document production, and depositions.

  • Trial

At the termination of discovery, each party will have all of the information needed to present their case in court.

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The plaintiff will present their evidence (usually oral testimony and written documents), the defendant will cross-examine the plaintiff’s witnesses, the defendant will deliver their defense, the plaintiff will cross-examine the defendant’s witnesses, and the trial will close with closing remarks.

Do you have specific questions about the laws governing car accident compensation in New York? Consult a Lawyer

New York’s “no fault” insurance laws make it difficult to file a claim because you must go through your own insurance unless your injuries are severe. And who judges whether they’re serious enough to justify a lawsuit? Stop wondering and contact an expert vehicle accident lawyer to find out how your claim fits into New York’s convoluted system and how much compensation you may be entitled to. For a free consultation, contact our law firm Bronx Car Accident Lawyers now.

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