Torts explained

Torts explained

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Torts is basically an act of civil wrong which has been done to an individual that results in serious injury, harm or loss and Tort law deals with most kinds of civil suits except the contractual disputes. In easy words, Tort Law deals with the specific laws that basically determine:

  • Whether a particular party is liable for harm caused to another party
  • The amount of compensation owned to the harmed party

The concept of tort law is to provide justice to the person who has been done wrong and provides relief from the wrongful act of others usually by awarding monetary damages as compensation. The original intent of Torts is to provide full compensation for proved harms. Some common torts include: assault, battery, and damage to personal property, conversion of personal property and intentional infliction of emotional distress along with injuries that may result in both emotional and physical harm. 

Tort laws should be dealt after a proper knowledge of the degree of case so the attorney can easily plan the case and appeal for justice. There are three different degrees of Torts law, they are:

  • Negligent torts: Harms or injuries done to an individual due to carelessness or failure of another to exercise a certain level of care, usually defined as a reasonable standard of care. It includes car/ motorcycle/ bicycle accidents, slip and fall cases or medical malpractice.
  • Strict liability: This is different from the negligence and intentional torts and deals with cases that doesn’t involve any culprit but someone who commits a certain act that is against the law like production of defective product, owning wild animals or other serious activities like carrying a truck of hazardous products that can result in explosion if leaked or spilled. The person committing the act is responsible regardless of the intentions involved.
  • Intentional torts: harms that have been caused by the willful misconduct of another such as assault, fraud or theft.
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