Watch Out For Gemtesa Side Effects Before Using

Doctors recommend medicines to get some relief, but what if those medicines show their side effects more than their good effects on the human body. Manufacturers give us those products in a promising box, and the pharmacist tells us that they will be great in use. We take them without reading or having much knowledge about that medicine. This habit is responsible for all the unnecessary side effects that we suffer because of these medicines. One such medicine which has a very specific use also has several side effects. Today, we will be talking about Gemtesa, what benefits it has, how it works, Gemtesa side effects, and a lot more. So scroll down with us.


What is Gemtesa? 

Gemtesa is a brand name for the drug vibegron. This means that only the package says Gemtesa, but all the functions are performed by the drug called vibegron. This drug is a beta 3 adrenergic receptor agonist. It is a pyrrolopyrimidine that is obtained from the condensation of the carboxyl group. It is the most amazing drug when it comes to overactive bladder. There is one more drug that is beneficial in treating the overactive bladder, and that is Myrbetriq. The brand name for this drug is mirabegron. But both drugs are completely different from each other when it comes to formulation. So please don’t confuse them.

gemtesa side effects

Mechanism Of Action 

Every medicine has its own way of acting when it goes inside the body. Likewise, Gemtesa also has a mechanism of action. As told above, Gemtesa contains Beta 3 adrenergic receptors, which get activated when it is swallowed. This activated form of beta 3 then relaxed the Ferris or smooth muscles during bladder filling. People who have lesser knowledge of overactive bladder, let me tell you, it is a disease where the muscles of the bladder are way more contracted when compared with normal bladder. This causes symptoms like frequent urination, urgency in urination, and others. Thus, in these conditions, doses of Gemtesa are advised to the patients to get some relief as it is a troublemaker disease. A patient loses control over his bladder and goes to pee every few minutes. 

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Uses Of Gemtesa 

The Gemtesa is responsible for the treatment of OAB, which stands for overactive bladder. The other symptoms that are treated with the help of Gemtesa are the following: 

  • Urinary Incontinence: Getting frequent urination which can not be controlled. If it is even a little late in reaching the washrooms, the patient might wet his pants or bed sheet. It creates an embarrassing situation. Thus, a vibegron drug is given to the patient to get some relief.
  • Urgency: Where the bladder is normal, a person can hold on to its urine for more than an hour but when you are suffering from an overactive bladder, holding it for over a minute also gets difficult for the patient. This is what urgency explains. The doses of vibegron help treat such symptoms quickly.
  • Increased Frequency: The urination is urgent always. The thing that makes it more problematic is the frequent urgent urination. There is an urge for urgent urination after every few minutes, as told earlier. Doses of Gemtesa are vital in improvising this situation. 

Now, let us further see gemtesa side effects that a person may get to see in his or her body due to regular intake of this medicine.

gemtesa side effects

Gemtesa Side Effects 

If there are some benefits, there are too many gemtesa side effects also that you grab upon when you swallow the medicine. Some of the very common side effects are given below:

  • Headache: There can be severe headache symptoms seen in the patients suffering from overactive bladder and taking gemtesa. 
  • Nasopharyngitis: Nasopharyngitis is another common symptom recorded in this condition. It is the diseases that cause irritation and inflammation of the nasal cavity and pharyngitis. 
  • Diarrhea: Due to gemtesa, there can be symptoms like diarrhea in the patients.
  • Nausea: Some patients might feel like vomiting after taking a few doses of vibegron. They can also vomit frequently.
  • Respiratory diseases: Vibegron causes upper respiratory tract infections. So it is a must to have an anti-inflammatory drug with you while you are taking gemtesa.
  • A runny and stuffy nose can be present. It can be due to nasopharyngitis also caused by vibegron. 
  • Kidney pain: Gemtesa can cause kidney pain resulting in discomfort to the patient. 
  • Loss of appetite: There is a sudden loss of appetite in the patients who are on regular medication. 
  • Weakness: Due to all the above side effects, the person is bound to feel weak and lethargic. Thus, regular doses of vibegron are not too safe for you.
  • UTI: UTI stands for urinary tract infection. It is a disease caused by bacterial infection. There is painful urination in such conditions. This situation might occur due to frequent urination.
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gemtesa side effects
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How To Use To Avoid gemtesa side effects

Vibegron is a drug which has to be taken orally. With the oral administration of this drug, the bioavailability of the drug is accurate. The primary drug absorption is done by the small intestine, which gets safe. Thus, only the tablets of gemtesa are available in the market. In adults, the medicine can be crushed well if you don’t want to swallow it. The crushed medicine should be mixed with the applesauce and must be taken immediately after mixing with a glass of water. 

Now let us jump upon the doses. 75 mg of vibegron is sufficient for an overactive bladder. It can be taken with or without having food. 


Working Of Gemtesa 

The regular administration of these drugs for 12 weeks back to back show some positive effect on the overactive bladder. If you, by chance, miss the side, skip that dose and start from the next dose to avoid its toxicity and any gemtesa side effects.


The Final Verdict

Now you have complete information about the use of Gemtesa as well as gemtesa side effects. Not all of these side effects are going to affect you, and not everyone suffers from these side effects. It depends on the mechanism of the body and whether it will counter the drawbacks or not. So please take these medicines only after the doctor prescribes you.