In what ways is Tantra Massage helpful?

Tantra massage is not the normal body massage we often opt for stress relief. It is something different but it helps in the release of stress and anxiety. This form of massage uses the chakras of the body and energy. The chakras of the body are an Indian belief which states that the human body has a couple of chakras which helps in relaxing the body beyond physical boundaries. The famous tantric massage expert, Genevieve Duarte of New York City states that tantric massage is a prolonged process of relaxation is an undisturbed environment. The goal of this form of massage is not orgasm but a sense of comfort and pleasing the person.

This massage can be offered by professionals or you can take notes from the internet to please your partner as well. Digging deep into the theories of tantric massage, you must learn how to please your partner by learning how to give while your partner must learn how to receive. This entire process is the basic principle of tantric massage. The sensation which a tantric massage provides is similar to going into a trance beyond the physical boundaries. In this trance, time is just a variable and you will lose the connection from the outer world. You will feel like there are no worries, no stress, and no responsibility. Altogether it is a very different experience.

As we all know, other forms of massages will have you covered under a towel, while in tantric massage you are completely naked. It involves massaging of the genitals and its surrounding area as well. In the case of women, this massage is known as the yoni massage and for men, it is the lingam massage.

Why Tantra Massage is Alchemy of Abundance?

Tantric massage or tantra massage is the alchemy of abundance due to its wealth of methods. A complete session of tantric massage can lead to a total life transformation experience. It unveils the complete potential of a human being and makes him or her feel like the co-creator with the divine. It is a form of pilgrimage where the body unites with the soul as you unveil the seven master keys of your true self. These keys are:

  1. Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is the driving force and power of our life. Everything we see or feel rises from the basic life force within us. To visualize life or anything in life, we must let our sexual energy flow freely.

  1. Love

The gift of god or god itself is love. The world is an ocean of love and at any point, if we lack love within ourselves, it leads to an imbalance. As humans, our natural state is to reclaim the love and this brings happiness into our life. The basic lesson of tantric massage is to receive love through it.

  1. Verticality

Very few people know that the natural flow of life is vertical. If we take a closer look at it then from crown to sex and deep into the earth, it’s all vertical. As we open our chakras the divine flow of love flows into us. You need to learn to receive to feel it.

  1. Abundance

Nature itself is the source of abundance and as we tune into nature, we explore the abundance of nature. As we live in a mechanized world, we are too busy stealing and exploiting nature. You must learn to resonate with nature and tantric massage is the way to it.

  1. Co-creation and Manifestation Techniques for your Desired Life

A series of methods will help you discover the power lying with intention. As described by Osho, the Great Law of Magic is a supreme gift to us. We need to tune to this supreme gift to achieve what we wish for in life.

  1. Spirituality

Spirituality plays a pivotal role in our life and meditation is the mode to tune in the cosmic rhythm. You will feel blissful once you tune in this cosmic rhythm within yourself. It provides awareness, love and opens the path towards spiritual life.

  1. Playfulness

Life is all about playfulness or Leela, the divine play. The source of all life forms which is the origin of manifestation can be touched through playfulness.

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How Tantra Massage is a Sensual Awakening?

We have 5 senses usually but we do not train them equally. Each of these senses functions in two ways, internally and externally. For instance, as we have two eyes to look around us, there is the third eye to look within. Similarly, there is a third ear as well. All of it helps in regaining the true essence of life. Tantric massage helps in awakening these senses and creating an aura within your body. This aura helps you to know more about your body and the mind. What you think, how you think, what you feel, what are the sensations which help us feel, etc.

There is a 5000 years old thesis on tantric massage known as the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. It is the source of all the history which has been dealt with under the theories of tantric meditation. As your senses are awakened, you will feel a lot more relaxed and free. Your body will feel like a newborn child and the mind will be an open space seeking knowledge. As mentioned earlier, tantric massage is not only about your body but your mind and soul as well.

To conclude, it can be said that tantric massage is the most sensual form of massage which allows you to unlock the areas you never explored within you. To remind you once again, it is not about orgasm but the journey which leads to an immense pleasure of relaxation. You can learn more about it through various other sources present on the internet. If you wish to please your partner then there are tutorials available on tantric massage. Feel free to cherish the pleasure of this massage therapy and surprise your partner.

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