Got a sudden hamstring injury? These yoga for runners are just what you need!

Is that a hamstring injury that makes you search your phone for yoga for runners? Well, for those who think that yoga is for oldies and it is running and jogging that will keep you fit, here’s the tale – yoga helps optimize your running performance. Additionally, post-Covid yoga practitioners in the USA have increased by 75%. Some more – independent surveys find: that at least 1 out of 3 Americans have tried yoga and carried it on a weekly basis. 

So, dear folks – here’s a quickie on the benefits of yoga for runners like you, the poses that you can practice to optimize your running and your hamstring – how to deal with it. As you rub the ice gel around your hamstring, the details will flicker by your sight. Scroll down then- 

Why invest in yoga? 

The benefits of yoga are unparalleled. Much beyond its role as a stress reliever, yoga helps to strengthen one’s internal flexibility and builds up stamina. Especially, yoga for runners brings forth a range of positives – from the internal building of flexibility to toning your body. Also, this ensures to better overall mindset, and the Prasara form of yoga is one that you must practice on a regular basis. 

Technically speaking – yoga and running are quite the opposites, and when they attract – how they attract! A runner, with the help of yoga, can improve their range of motion and also maintain balance in their body. 

yoga for runners

# For the uninitiated – Running, despite its benefits – does create an imbalance in the body, while yoga helps to bring back that balance. So practising yoga for runners is a great way to lighten those fixed muscles and ensure proper concentration on a particular area. 

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The fact that Astanga Yoga helps with breath control and therefore benefits the running process is a huge pullover for regular runners. Also, with yoga, the body prepares itself to act as a shock absorber – which is of prime importance courtesy of the bruises in sensitive areas you can get while running. 

Did you get answers on why you as a runner can or rather must invest in yoga? In that case, time to move on to the next segment of this content – as to which yoga would you invest in to get maximum returns. 

Poses of yoga for runners and athletes 


1. Adho Mukho Savasana 

With the head placed below the heart, this downward dog pose is just what your hamstring needs to heal. This yoga categorically targets the Achilles tendon, calves, and heels – maximizing stretching of the body. With this, there is an increase in the blood circulation of the body, while the sensitive areas get the required stretch. 

yoga for runners

2. Uttanasana 

To have a flexible hamstring is just not a necessity but at times can be quite a luxury. Acting as an opener for both hips and calves, this pose to a certain extent placed the body weight on one’s legs. This, in the long run, helps to ease the flexible muscles and directly benefits the hamstring injury. Rest assured, you can be back at the field at the earliest! 

yoga for runners

3. Vriksasana 

Nature can help solve all your problems – so be the tree to heal your hamstring injury. Specifically targeting areas such as – the thighs and the spine – this form of yoga for runners stretches the whole body and opens up the hip areas. Also, for people who have a tendency to get sudden sciatic pain, this posture can be your natural healing pose. 

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yoga for runners

4. Baddha Konasana 

Not many people know that to keep hamstring injuries at bay, it is important to keep muscles strong. To keep your muscles strong it is important to follow this cobbler’s pose. Keep the back straight and bring the soles together – it is the key to solving your regular issues with a hamstring injury. 

yoga for runners

5. Trikonasana 

Be the triangle to the tendons of your body! This pose – just like a triangle, again targets the joints, hips, hamstrings, shoulder, and chest area. The primary aim of this pose is to stretch the whole body and improve balance. As a runner, maintaining balance in the body is of primary importance and this asana internally strengthens one’s body apart from internal healing.

yoga for runners

6. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana 

 Also called the famous Bridge pose, this yogic posture builds back the lost strength of your hip muscles. The posterior chain is of prime importance to a runner, and this is a pain-reliever when practiced on a regular basis. For those suffering from regular muscular issues, do make it a point to practice this – both on your running and non-running days! 

yoga for runners

That was quite something! Sincerely and seriously, you never would have imagined the benefits of yoga for runners, would you? Well, better late than never. For those days that you will not be able to run around – try these yogic postures to improve your internal and external control of the body. Hope you do well in the future. 

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