Magnesium for weight loss – Here’s the tale of loss and gain!

magnesium for weight loss

The first piece of news that your set search engine shows this morning is – the latest report from the Huffington Post – packed tender coconut factor is America’s latest health fad! From building bones to shedding weight – coconut water is a miracle drink: celebs and their health instructors have certified!! So, has your mind raced back to your mid-school science knowledge? Coconut water has electrolytes such as Potassium/ Sodium/ Magnesium, and now you hear that people are using supplements of magnesium for weight loss?

The school science books and its instructors always stated that after calcium, it is magnesium that helps your bones and tissue formation. Confused? Do you have a couple of minutes to spare – it’s weight loss, after all; this content will give you an idea of exactly how this magnesium and weight loss complex relationship work.

Magnesium for weight loss – what’s the truth?

Journal of Nutrition, in its 2013 meta-analysis, published: that the higher the magnesium consumption – the lower the fasting glucose level. Lower the glucose levels; the lower its chances of being stored as fat – therefore: the thinner the waistline and the lower the weight.

That’s just a brief of the role of magnesium in weight loss. Its time to delve into details –

As a cofactor for more than 300 enzymes, magnesium singularly controls and regulates the activities of muscles, nerves, insulin, and myocardium. Being an electrolyte, it transfers energy within and outside of your cells. Now, it is magnesium that directs the insulin level in the body to usher glucose (which makes energy) into the cell. Rather, the magnesium content of a body provides insulin the sensitivity to act in a desired manner.

So, when one talks of magnesium for weight loss, it implies that – the magnesium amount in a body is low naturally insulin, and thereby glucose levels are high – but the glucose does not act accordingly. Instead of producing energy for the body, it converts to fat and is stored in the body. Result: Weight gain. Sudden abnormal weight gain related to magnesium deficiency has been scientifically proven.

magnesium for weight loss

Correct magnesium level in the body also manages water retention of a body. Excess water is drained out – via urine or sweat. One can therefore understand how magnesium also maintains the body’s water weight.

#Did you know? – The obesity in one’s abdominal area is also due to low magnesium levels?

Yes!! It so happens that when the body is magnesium deficient, then insulin levels are unmonitored. Therefore, that ‘extra insulin’ is deposited in abdominal tissue. A clear reference to this has been made in the book –‘ The Magnesium Factor’ by Seelig and Rosanoff.

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#Did you know – Magnesium, Obesity, and Stress are in a relationship?

The cortisol produced causes a metabolic shutdown thanks to stress in the body. With near to minimal metabolic activity, weight loss is next to impossible. It is magnesium that comes as a savior and neutralizes the effects of the same. Hence, if your metabolism is going bananas due to stress, it is bananas that will save your skin.

magnesium for weight loss

So, which magnesium supplement will your body accept? Supplements such as oxide and chloride of magnesium as well as – gluconate and orotate of the same are the primary ones accepted by the human body. Though other supplements are also accepted by the body, how it reacts with the body data is not updated.

#An important note – According to some independent research conducted by a notable US Medical College, magnesium citrate has been shown to help in losing weight. Magnesium for weight loss – here’s the catch: It helps in bowel movements and thereby adequate water loss. Also, it assists in reducing the resistance of insulin and thereby improves energy production.

Data right from the medical corridors

When medical data back any theory, its standing immediately receives a huge boost. This article may be on the benefits of magnesium for weight loss; however, one cannot deny other areas where magnesium promotes health.

#Medical Tip for a Lifetime: Only a healthy body can manage its weight externally!

1. People with Type -2 diabetes must consume 250 – 350 mg of magnesium on a daily basis. This will help to maintain their sugar level in the body improving insulin sensitivity.

2. According to standards of the Recommended Dietary Allowance – For Males: between the age of 19 – 51 and above: 400-420 mg of magnesium consumption is a must. For Females: between the age of 19 – 51 and above: the limit is 310 – 320 mg of magnesium consumption.

3. When Pregnant women are concerned – (350-360mg magnesium) is daily required – while for Lactating mothers – the range is normal: from 310 mg to 320mg.

4. If one only relies on supplements of magnesium for weight loss, then the upper limit is strictly fixed at 350mg (irrespective of gender/ age/ any other criteria)

5. The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine – in its last 2013 survey on magnesium, found: that supplements of magnesium oxide specifically reduced post-workout blood pressure in males

6. An Independent study made by: Diabetes Care (2014) – shows magnesium intake daily reduces Type-2 diabetes risk by up to 32%

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7. The European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences – has proven results wherein magnesium prevents chances of specific cancers.

Which food will power pack your plate?

Now that you know that magnesium for weight loss – is just not a fad, your search next is – what are those ‘magnesium-rich’ foods. Here’s the list –

1. For vegetarians – If you survive on nature’s medicine, your choices are: Spinach (imagine Popeye – he’s a sailor after all) / Raw Broccoli/ Tofu/ Brown Rice/ Lentils/ Okra/ Wholegrain Cereal – Barley/Oat Bran/ Quinoa/ Kidney Beans / Peanuts, Hazel Nuts, and the whole nut brand.

2. For fruit lovers – Banana is a top choice. Follow it up with – kiwis, guavas, raspberries, dried figs, avocados (does it even have a negative?), grapefruit, papayas, and blackberries

3. If you love your meat – then white meat eaters: salmon, halibut, and mackerel are your poison. For the others, chicken breast is a great addition to your magnesium plate.

magnesium for weight loss

Finish your meal with a small piece of authentic Swiss dark chocolate (must have 75 – 80% cocoa). It can sweetly increase your magnesium level.

Ready for some grocery shopping? Wait then another minute; here’s some quickies that will encourage you to buy a little more than normal –

Some quickies on magnesium power

If you have wrapped up your knowledge on how useful magnesium for weight loss is, it is time to check some core facts on this mineral. Here’s a list –

1. Magnesium is high on fiber/ free of gluten/low on fat – a golden triad for weight management.

2. Medical researchers have shown instances where – bodies with high magnesium intake: lowered chances of cardiovascular diseases, increased bodies’ immunity response to chronic illness, and brought down chances of specifically colon cancer.

3. Magnesium intake (2018 US Medical Journal Study shows) – regulates stress hormones and relieves anxiety. Results from studies on its effect on depression are yet to come.

4. Its role in strengthening bones is no new knowledge. Magnesium content helps to activate Vitamin D in kidneys and bones, improving bone density and crystal formation. High in calcium absorption, this lowers osteoporosis risks (especially in women, given that after 35, their bone density starts reducing)

5. Magnesium improves muscular strength and flexibility. Correct expansion and contraction of muscles are a feat achieved due to correct magnesium content in the body.

6. Magnesium also is a key ingredient in your enamel. So, if your gum is swelling or a tooth is moving towards erosion, run off to check the magnesium standard.

That was quite much information, wasn’t it? Who thought, albeit not you, that – magnesium for weight loss would also be in your search history! But then, as they say, minerals are multifaceted when it comes to providing health, even if by enhancing weight loss. So, step up on your magnesium levels, and kick-start a nutritional mineral shedding process. You do have bananas in your fridge, right? Well!!

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