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coconut oil for vaginal dryness

We talk a lot about how to keep ourselves healthy. Many blogs will make you follow certain ways and remedies to maintain a healthy weight. Some will tell you how you can get bright and glowy skin, but I am here to tell you about the ways to keep a healthy vaginal environment. Our pubic parts are the ones most overlooked. We do not take good care of them because we feel they are not important. But let me tell you that if you do not keep your vaginal aura healthy, you might lose your sanity towards health because they are the root cause of many diseases and issues like vaginal dryness, vaginal itching, vaginal infection, blisters, and can even cause cancer when reaches its extent. 

Below are some methods which can help you to maintain good vaginal health. Doesn’t matter if it is some kitchen-driven material like coconut oil for vaginal dryness or some tip like using cotton underwear. All is going to help you. Dive in now to get the details. 

coconut oil for vaginal dryness

Causes Of Poor Vaginal Health 

There are many vaginal health issues that you might face. But what are, the major causes of vaginal illness is the first concern. There are mainly two reasons, they are: 


Poor Vaginal Hygiene 

When there is poor vaginal hygiene, there can be many diseases that you can face. There can be blisters, foul-smelling discharge, and open gates for tumors and cancer. Thus, to keep your vaginal health mainstream, you must carry the below-given methods.


Poor Menstrual Care 

When you are on your periods, it is very important to keep yourself clean and hygienic because, in such a situation, the aura of the vagina is fragile enough. This can easily let bacteria attack you. Due to this factor, it is important to keep a complete focus on vaginal health during menstruation.

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Methods For Good Vaginal Health Common

Some of the methods that you must follow to eliminate any vaginal illness and maintain healthy vaginal health are given below. You must catch them well to see the difference and gain the health benefits. 


Don’t Scratch

Do not ever scratch your vaginal skin. The skin there is soft and sensitive enough. A little bit of scratching also can cause redness. You might damage the epidermis, and a discontinuity of the skill layer can be seen due to severe scratches. There can be burning sensations in that region due to sweat or tightness. So it is better to avoid scratching.


Cotton Underwear 

It is advised to wear cotton clothes in summer to make your body feel free and lively. The underpants also should be of cotton to let the vagina breathe. Cotton has minute pores that allow the air to pass. This helps the vagina to stay sweat-free, and there are no rashes. Whereas in synthetic underpants, the area gets all sweaty, and the chances of rashes are increased.

coconut oil for vaginal dryness

Avoid Pantyliners 

Try to avoid pantyliners. Some ladies use partners every day to keep hygiene. It is no harm in using pantyliners, but if you start to use them every day, the vaginal tissues start to face suffocation. Undoubtedly, they are useful in clearing away the regular vaginal discharge or can work as a backup while you are wearing pads but it might be the cause of irritation because you are blocking the way of the vagina to breathe.


Avoid Detergents 

Do not wash your underwear with detergent. Detergent has harmful chemicals which are embedded in the threading of your clothes. This can cause itching, redness, rashes and a lot more. Wash your underpants in warm water with some Dettol in it or any other antibacterial solution. This cleans away the bacteria. Dry it well in the open so that the sun rays can kill the leftover bacterial growth.


Intimate Wash For Vaginal Health 

Do not use any soap or shampoo to wash your intimate areas. The vaginal tissue as told earlier has a skin a lot more sensitive to what your other body has. Thus, the soap you are using to clean up your body can’t be used there because it will be harsh on vagal tissue. There are intimate washes available that maintain the pH of your vaginal and keep it healthy.

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Good Diet 

Follow a good and healthy diet. You must eat citrus fruits to eliminate all the toxicity from your body. You must drink fresh juices to keep yourself hydrated and energetic. Drink a lot of water to maintain the electrolyte balance and avoid aging of the skin. All this will help you maintain your vaginal health too.  


Coconut Oil For Vaginal Dryness 

Coconut oil for vaginal dryness is the best solution. There are many brands available in the market for coconut oil. You can use any. Coconut oil for vaginal dryness not only avoids any blackness of the skin but also prevents you from scratching it.

coconut oil for vaginal dryness

Use Only Water 

If intimate washes are also not suiting you, do not use anything else. Just wash it with normal tall water every time you go to the washroom. While taking a bath also, just wash it out with some warm water. 


Condoms For Vaginal Hygiene 

Use condoms to avoid any sexually transmitted diseases. Especially, if you are sexually active with multiple partners, a protective barrier becomes necessary.


Diseases Of Vaginal Health 

If you do not follow the above-given remedies, you might get into a pitfall where you can face the following diseases: 

  • Irritation 
  • Dryness 
  • Blisters 
  • Yeast Infection 
  • Increased Secretion 


Summing Up

This was all about vaginal health. Whether it is coconut oil for vaginal dryness or intimate washes to keep it clean, all are important to successfully maintain a healthy vagina. There are so many factors that will keep you enriched with a healthy vagina. But you must follow them regularly to avoid bacterial growth. Coconut oil for vaginal dryness is used but it can also be used to avoid bacterial growth. Thus, choose some of the tips given.  


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