Students Need to Do These 3 Things Before Moving to University

Moving to University

Starting university is always a nerve-wracking time for students. For many, it is the first time they are living away from home and living by themselves. A lot of students choose to live in student accommodation, mainly in shared buildings and living with more than two people in one apartment, while other students opt to live alone in their own student apartments – although Moving to University this option is considerably more expensive compared to shared accommodation. 

Students are often extremely conscious of their money and spending habits in the first few months of living away from home at university. It is not just money that they worry about though; there is a range of other things to think about before making the move. The main things to think about are:

  • Budgeting
  • Healthcare
  • Luggage
  • Travel
  • Independence

Make a List in Advance

Firstly, you need to make sure you have made a list of what you will be taking and what you will not be taking in advance. Having an idea of how much you will be taking with you to your new living space is a great way to be prepared. Not only does it keep you prepared, but it also makes it a lot easier when working out how exactly you are going to be traveling to your new home. 

Not everyone has a car, so many new students may have to opt for public transportation such as buses and trains. Nobody wants to have to drag a ton of important luggage with them on a bus or train, especially if they are unfamiliar with the area.

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Register at a GP – Moving to University

When Moving to University to a new area, you need to make sure that you are registered with a local GP – just in case you ever need medical care. This is also true for students, who students can actually take advantage of special kinds of GP services due to the nature of their circumstances.

If you are unsure what student service GPs can offer you, take a look at for more information. Everyone needs to register at their local GP – whether they are a student or not. Not being registered at a local GP means it will be harder for you to receive medical attention and advice when you need it the most. Plus, being registered is a great form of reassurance, especially when it is your first time living away from home.

Plan a Budget

Another vital point to think about before moving away for the first time is making sure you plan a sustainable budget. Food and bills take priority, of course, but you still need some spare money to be able to treat yourself and go out with friends. Many students choose to get a part-time job on top of their university studies, and some students live off their student finances. 

Both choices are completely fine, but it is best to work out how much money you will have monthly to help you figure out which one is right for you. Put money to the side for the weekly food shopping trip and bills to see how much money you have spare for your leisurely activities – that way, you can decide if you need to think about getting a job to supplement your finances.

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