Services You Can Expect From An Orthodontist


Oral health is an essential subject, although some people take it for granted. They do not clean their teeth, tongue, and mouth as required. Nonetheless, you could have misaligned teeth and jaws besides cleaning your teeth. This condition will need you to visit a Denver orthodontist who is better positioned to rectify your situation. That is why it becomes necessary to understand some of the services you can receive from such an expert.

Treating Misaligned Teeth

Having crooked teeth is one of the significant reasons you might be forced to visit an orthodontist. This is their primary task, where they diagnose and treat any oral cavity anomalies. Overcrowded and misaligned teeth are the most common cases that orthodontists deal with. After the diagnosis, your doctor will design an appropriate appliance to help treat the alignment issues. Metal and ceramic braces are the most common appliances used in treating misalignment and teeth overcrowding. Over time, they put pressure on the teeth, resulting in better-shaped bones and aligned teeth and jaws.

Handling Malocclusions

Malocclusions have been a significant bother to many people globally. There are three types of this condition that an experienced orthodontist can handle;

  • Underbite – your lower jaw is more prominent and extends beyond the upper jaw
  • Overbite – your upper jaw is bigger and extends beyond the lower jaw
  • Crossbite – your jaws are correctly aligned, but the teeth do not appropriately align with each other
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Whatever malocclusion condition you have, you can expect to get the best treatment from an orthodontist. Treating this condition entails accessing it and designing braces or any other device to straighten your teeth and jaws. The appliances an orthodontist uses for misaligned and crowded teeth work the same as those they use in treating malocclusions.

Installation Of Lip And Cheek Bumpers

There comes a time when your lips and cheeks push towards your teeth and jaws, causing you pain. The discomfort of such a condition can be pretty disturbing and annoying. If you experience this, it is time to visit an orthodontist. Such a professional will install bumpers to help keep your lips and cheeks away from your teeth to minimize the pressure, pain, and discomfort you may be experiencing.

Installing Invisalign

Braces have been there for a while, but they seem to be overtaken by Invisalign. These are modern and innovative aligners that are less stressful to wear, and they do not hinder you from talking or eating. An orthodontist is responsible for designing and individualizing Invisalign that is meant only for your needs. Unlike traditional braces, there are no wires or brackets to tighten your teeth. Your orthodontist will only ensure they install a new set of Invisalign after every fortnight until your teeth and jaws are correctly aligned.

It is recommendable to search for the best orthodontist in your area. The internet has made that simpler, but you also need to make some considerations to ensure you get the right one. Such may include expertise, charges, reputation, and professionalism.

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