How To Get Rid of Dowager’s Hump in Most Effective Way

How To Get Rid of Dowager's Hump

If you are thinking about how to get rid of dowager’s hump, then for getting into that, you, first of all, need to understand the whole concept of dowager’s hump. 

What is dowager’s hump in medical terms?

 Well talking about this, we can say that it is a type of physical-medical condition that usually occurs at the base side of your neck. The reason for which a person may face this issue would be taking up the wrong postures. This is something which one should keep in check always as the wrong posture is something that can lead you to many problems in relation to your back and your bones as well.

 Though taking up the wrong posture is one common reason for this, other than that, there are many other reasons too that may lead you into this condition. 

How to get rid of dowager's hump

The other reasons leading to this condition include the following: 

1. A squeeze of the bone due to a fracture – The right medical term used for this is Osteoporosis. Due to this, your posture is automatically leaned forward. 

2. Spine formation issues- There are also possibilities that there is a defect in the formation of the spine right from birth. 

3. Wedge Shape- The ideal shape for the spine is Wedge, but sometimes in some teenagers, it is seen that the spine somehow takes the shape of a rectangle, and that becomes a problem.

4. Cancer- There is a chance that if you are a cancer patient then, your spine may go weak. In most cases, this comes as a side effect of the cancer treatment. 

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Here, in the guide further, we will see how to get rid of dowager’s hump; there are many tips for this available for you to follow. But, before starting with the treatment for how to get rid of dowager’s hump, it is necessary for the person to get a proper confirmation regarding the condition. 

 For confirmation regarding the condition, it would be best for you to visit the doctor. He will further make you go through some physical tests. You will be asked for details like your height. Your back will be checked for confirmation of any pain or softness. 

The next thing the doctor will put on the check would be the curve in your spine. This is how they will check and observe your posture.


Tips for how to get rid of dowager’s hump

To know how to get rid of dowager’s hump, there are some exercises which you can follow. We will be further discussing those exercises well in detail for providing a better understanding to the people.  

The exercises which can help you with the process of how to get rid of dowager’s hump are as follows

  • Chin Tucks- In this case, you will have to pull your chin straight towards the back. This will be a good thing for you to do if you need to deal with conditions like discs. Also, it improves the health of your neck muscles
  • Squeezes- There are some scapular squeezes that will help you in improving the health of your upper back muscles. 
  • Push-Ups– Yes, there are pushups also to help you with this. This has always been the easiest of all the exercises for anyone to perform. How to get rid of dowager's hump
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But for getting the desired results out of these exercises, it is necessary for the people to conduct exercises in the right manner. So, if you are one of those who do not know the right way to do it, then you should go to a therapist to learn all the tactics and techniques for the conduct of the exercises in the right manner. 

 If your case is worse and the exercises are not helping you with the cure of how to get rid of dowager’s hump, then there are some other options also that are good to try for fixing this condition. 

Other options worth trying

1. Keep a check on the posture- This is the easiest move towards the cure for how to get rid of dowager’s hump. You should always be very careful with the posture of your body. 

2. Yoga – If you get started with Yoga, it will make your body more flexible and work on getting your back muscles stronger. 

How to get rid of dowager's hump 3

3. Bracing- if nothing is helping you, then you can try using braces on your back. The time duration and the exact time for wearing the brace would be better told by a certified practising doctor.


So, this is how to get rid of dowager’s hump. Everything related to this has been well discussed here. Reading this guide given here is going to be very helpful for you in many ways.


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