Green tea: benefits you can’t even think of

There is might not be a single person in this world who does not know that green tea is beneficial for our health. Green tea holds a wide spectrum of advantageous properties that make it invaluable to our daily diet chart. Someone is trying to lose weight? Have a glass of green tea every day. Someone is feeling always tired? Have a glass of green tea.

Someone is having a problem with maintaining concentration? Try to drink green tea routinely. So green tea is kind of one single solution to all the problems that our daily busy, lousy and tight-knit schedule challenges us with.

Now imagine you have green tea as a regular beverage in your daily diet chart. Then you will most likely be less susceptible to physical or mental health issues than any other average person. That other average person is the one whose diet chart does not contain green tea in it.

What is green tea?

Now the problem is that we do not exactly know those specific beneficial properties that make green tea so popular. To understand the specific advantages of drinking green tea first we need to understand what green tea is or how it is processed or how it is different from any other type of black tea.

To put it simply, black tea has less beneficial properties because it undergoes a process of fermentation. But in the case of green tea, it does not go through that fermentation process. So, it is no brainer that green tea will retain an optimal amount of beneficial properties than any other type of black tea. Now we will dive into those specific areas which are the exact advantages that we get from regular drinking of green tea. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

A real fat burner:

Most of the popularity that green tea has gained so far is because it has amazing quality in burning fats and converting it into calories. That is why nutritionists and dieticians have always kept green tea as a mandatory beverage in the diet chart of a person who is undergoing the process of weight loss.

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Polyphenol is the substance that we find in green tea which miraculously intensifies the process of oxidisation of fat. It also boosts our metabolism. That is why if losing weight is your plan, green tea can be your true companion.

Rich in antioxidant:

We do not need to clarify what antioxidant is capable of doing to our body. Green tea is rich in antioxidants. Thus, while it gives us a lot of energy in our daily exhausting lifestyle, it also helps us to fight in warding off cancer from us.

Studies have shown that women who drink green tea routinely are less likely to develop breast cancer. It goes the same with men. Daily drinking of green tea has a protective factor in developing prostate cancer.

Fight Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases:

As we age, we are more susceptible to develop many neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases. These diseases lead to short- or long-term memory loss. Apart from these diseases, regular consumption of green tea can also boost your memory and make you smarter. It also helps us in maintaining concentration and making our brain function properly.

Healthy heart function:

Studies have shown that green tea has a beneficial effect on the heart. How? Green tea helps our blood vessels to relax. So, if you have any changes in blood pressure, may it high or low, your blood vessels can withstand that fluctuation. It also has a protective property from making your clot. So, the bottom line is that regular consumption of green tea boosts the overall health of your heart and ward of any possibilities of a heart attack.

Wards off any possibilities of diabetes:

Again, many studies have shown that green tea has a miraculous effect in fighting with type two diabetes in which your blood sugar level goes high and your blood stops producing insulin. Regular drinking of green tea can reduce the possibility of developing type-two diabetes.

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Kills bacteria: green tea has a good reputation in killing bacteria, fight viruses like influenza. So, drinking green tea means all those harmful bacteria that has made your mouth their home is gone. That means you have stronger teeth, stronger cavities than ever. So, the longevity of your teeth effectively increases.

Fights bad breath:

We have mentioned earlier that green tea kills harmful bacteria residing in our mouth. So now what causes bad breath? The answer is simply because of some bacteria living inside your mouth. So daily consumption of green tea kills those bacteria and makes your breath fresh and healthy.

Takes care of your skin:

Green tea has so many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances that it is an open and shut argument. Because of those properties, green tea slows down the ageing of your skin which means fewer wrinkles as you age. Even many studies have shown that if you get sunburned, applying green tea on that sun-burned area can reduce the damage caused by the scorching sun. So green tea gives overall protection to your skin.

Prevents cell damage:

Green tea contains such substances which cater to the overall benefits of our health. Those substances prevent cell damage. It has some minerals that are always important for your health.

Fights depression:

Due to our exhaustingly busy and crazy lifestyle, we are more likely to get depressed. Depression has become a growing concern in the world. Green tea contains an amino acid named Theanine which has a relaxing effect on our body.

So, having a cup of green tea means a relaxing day. A relaxing day means no sleepless night; good, deep and sound sleep. A good night’s sleep means you are better prepared for your daily tight-knit exhausting schedule. So, regular consumption of green tea can amazingly benefit your overall daily lifestyle.

So, our suggestion is simple. Guys! If you are regularly consuming green tea, keep drinking. If you do not drink green tea, start drinking right from this day.

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