Cool things to bake for your sweet tooth

cool things to bake

You may not like cooking, but still, there are high chances for you to have some love for the art of baking. Also, cooking food on a gas stove is different, whereas baking some incredible things in a microwave oven is still seen as a hobby for many people. 


If you love to bake……


So, if you are among those who love baking, then yes, this guide is for you as here, for the demand of the topic, we will discuss well in detail a list of some cool things to bake. Yes, this is true that if you love baking, you already know many trendy things to bake, but this list will surely satisfy your sweet tooths to a different level altogether.


The list of cool things to bake for your sweet tooth –


1. Peanut butter cookies

It is good to prioritize yourself over everything. Still, if you are a mother, then obviously, your motherly heart will always get in between, and even if baking is your own hobby, you will be doing it more for your kids. Your kids will surely love this 20 minutes baking recipe. 


cool things to bake


2.Chocolate skillet cake

The reason why this should be counted in the list of cool things to bake is not one but many. The first thing comes first; if you have started off baking just recently, this will be an easy recipe. Other than that, if you have one, this will easily please your guests and your kid, too, if you have. But yes, this will be a bit more time taking thing; it will take around an hour to be baked properly for eating.

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3.Blackberry raspberry Skillet cobbler


So, all this, while you were thinking cobbler, is just the person who mends your shoes? Well, here is another cobbler waiting to fix your sweet tooth cravings. This is another simple thing you can bake for the party in 30 minutes. 


4.Chocolate chip cookies

The main reason these cookies are here added to the list of cool things to bake is that you can get them done in 10 minutes. Fast possible baking of these makes them a popular choice among those who are still freshers in the field of baking. We need not say choco chip cookies are equally popular among taste buds.

Cool food items to bake


5. White wine buttercream cupcakes

So, are you planning the menu for a birthday party? These cupcakes would be a safe choice to make and definitely among the cool things to bake. If you love white wine in your food items, the cupcakes will not fail to impress your sweet tooth.


6.Toaster Pastries


Yes, this is a time-consuming recipe that demands around an hour, but if your kid is fussy with breakfast these days, this will be a good option to add to your list of cool things to bake. These pastries will keep your child full for longer and satisfy its taste buds. 


7.Dessert Nachos

Yes, if you have a microwave oven at home, you can bake nachos to make them fulfill your needs for dessert.


8.The Peanut butter fudge


When it comes to cool things to bake, peanut butter is not just there for cookies. It also helps you with sweet fudge that you can bake in 10 minutes. As per the records, this is one sweet baking recipe that has never failed and always has satisfied people’s cravings at its best.

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9.Cranberry Apple Danish

It is another time taking process, but if you are planning a party for your loved ones at your place, this is definitely a cool thing to bake.


10.Fig Tarte Tatin

You have recently started baking? Well, you will surely have fun baking this delicious recipe. Also, it can be a good serving option for your Christmas party. 


11.Giant Cinnamon Roll

If your kid is now bored of those toaster pastries, then here we are with another cool thing to bake: the giant Cinnamon Roll. 


12. Brown Sugar Pear Puff Pastries

These are also good to bake if you are in confusion about the menu of any small or big gathering of people. You can bake them simply within 45 minutes, and your guests will surely love them. 


 13. Chocolate Marshmallow Cups

Baking them will take a bit more time, but if your kids are chocolate lovers, then this is one thing they would love to eat anytime for sure. 


Conclusion – 

We hope you will get what you are actually looking for; this list will fit your cravings. Also, it will fit well if you have to feed your child, and it will also be good to consider while you are pondering a delicious menu for an upcoming special occasion. Baking has always been cool for those who take it as a hobby, but satisfying sweet tooths has always been tricky for them too.

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