Clitoral Stimulation – Everything You Should Know Before Hiring an Escort

The clitoris is present at the top of the labia that surround the vagina. And this nerve-dense structure extends deep inside the body. If you are planning to hire an escort, you may stimulate your call girl’s various nerves present in her clit with both external and internal play. 

Also regarded as the pleasure nub, the clitoris can be a great place to experience the best orgasm of one’s life. Talking about orgasm, if you are planning to hire an escort, you need to satisfy their desire in order to fulfill yours. That’s where your role for clitoral stimulation comes into being.

If you want to help your escort experience the best clitoral stimulation so that she reciprocates the same way to satisfy your carnal desires, it’s time to learn further. On that note, here’s presenting the guide to clitoral stimulation. Watch the best porm videos but before that learn these things:

What Exactly is Clitoral Stimulation? Facts You Must Learn

Orgasms for females are often elusive and quite impossible to achieve. But clitoral stimulation is the best way to bring your partner to the climax, more than once in a single sexual encounter. Clitoral stimulation, in short, it is the most straightforward technique that can keep your female partner coming back and long for more. 

If it’s your first time trying clitoral stimulation with your woman, it’s time to learn some important facts.

  • It’s a pea-shaped structure 
  • It is at the apex of the labia
  • There are internal and external components to the clitoris 
  • On the body’s outside, you will find the clit’s glans covered by the nifty hood 
  • Inside the body, it has a hidden structure
  • It consists of the legs (or crura) as well as vestibular bulbs around the vagina
  • The bulbs and legs contain erectile tissue that expands when the woman is aroused sexually 
  • The shape is like the wishbone, with a few parts being visible on the body’s outside 
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A Brief on Clitoral Orgasm: Things to Note

The clitoris consists of nerve endings, which means it consists of more nerves than the penis’s head. Thus, stimulation brings your girl to the climax within a matter of minutes (or even seconds). Clitoral orgasm differs from anal or g-spot orgasm. It’s intense and is felt on the body’s surface, while the g-spot orgasm is more in-depth. 

Top Ways to Satisfy Your Partner with Clitoral Orgasm

Note down the two ways to help her cum with the help of the following techniques.

  • With the Help of Your Tongue

Bring her to the clitoral climax by using your tongue. With your tongue making minor adjustments to the intensity and movements, you are going to give her a great orgasm experience. You may choose techniques such as kissing, blowing, biting, humming, and sucking.

If it’s your first time trying clitoris stimulation, do not get nervous. Discuss the needs and preferences with your partner and get the best experience.

  • Using those Fingers

Fingering is not just about rubbing the clit until you reach the climax. It’s beyond fingering. Note that the area is highly sensitive, so overstimulation might turn your girl off. You may use the rubbing technique to bring your girl to orgasm more than once. You can also indulge in clitoral stimulation with the help of your fingers by using these techniques: petting, rolling, tapping, and tugging gently.

Additionally, you can keep your girls guessing until they explode the ultimate pleasure by changing techniques and intensity. You can pay attention to your partner’s moans and sighs to monitor the movements and techniques. Once you start understanding your partner’s body movements, whimpers, and moans, you can better work with your techniques. Listen to your girl’s cues, which are the best signs to gradually change your ways to help her cum via clitoral stimulation. 

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Take into account when they tense or relax their muscles or how they begin to thrust the hips into your tongue or finger. These signs can help you change your techniques accordingly. 

Most women love circular motions as they are more natural and give your women the utmost pleasure. So, hire a escort and, with your mutual understanding, satisfy one another and take your bedroom stories to newer heights.


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