Why Your Dentist will Recommend Root Canal Treatment?

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Root canal treatment is a common dental process which saves your teeth from infections. It basically replaces the infected pulp tissues of your gum with some dental fillings. If the nerves and blood vessels of your root canal get infected, then you need to go through this treatment. Sometimes, you may feel acute pain in your gum and you cannot be able to chew anything. This is the cause of your root canal infections and pulp tissues of your root canal are infected and damaged. In this case, if you do not avail the root canal treatment then this infection will spread over your teeth, and it will damage your bones also. During the root canal treatment, these infected pulps are removed, and it will save your teeth. On the other part, root canal treatment may be needed for accidental injury because due to accidents, the structure of the teeth gets damaged and there can also be some cracks and leakages occurring in your gum portions. In this regards, root canal treatment will fill these damaged portions and save your teeth.

What is the procedure of root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is also known as endodontic treatment. This treatment involves cleaning of teeth, sterilizing of root canal and removing the infected tissues from your root canal. It is suggested to consult with some reputed dentists, to do this root canal treatment and try to do this treatment by consulting with some specialised doctors only. You need to visit the dentist more than two to three times for complete root canal treatment and the doctor may prescribe some antibiotic for active infections. Local anaesthesia can also be given during the root canal treatment, and you cannot feel the pain during the root canal treatment process. However, afterward, you may feel some pain for three to five days.

  • Firstly, dentists place a rubber dam on and around the infected teeth to ensure that the teeth is dry during the treatment. Then the dentist will remove the upper layer of the teeth with their dental drill machine and then the dentist will access the infected pulp area. Lastly, the dentist will remove all infected pulps and clean the interior portions.
  • Then the dentist will fill these portions with some dental cement and they will clean the teeth along with the root canal portions completely. The whole process of this treatment will take several hours and you need to visit the dentist more than three to five times depending on the level of your infections.
  • Firstly, the dentists use some temporary filling to cover up the infected portions of the root. However, during the visit, the dentist will remove these filling and seal the teeth with crown.
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Why do you need the root canal treatment?

If the pulps tissues inside your root canal get infected or inflamed then it will affect your blood vessels and it will also damage your bones. You will feel acute pain and afterward, you have to remove your teeth completely. In this case, you have to do the root canal treatment to remove these infected pulp tissues and cover up these portions with some dental fillings. Apart from that, you may find your teeth becoming dark and that indicates the dead cells of your root canal. If you do not remove these deal cells from your root canal then it will damage your teeth and you will suffer from acute pain.

So in this regards, you need to consult with some dentists, and do the root canal treatment immediately. Root canal treatment is a safe and medicated procedure, which helps you to save your teeth and reduce your dental pain.

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