5 Weirdest Things People Do To Get a Whiter Smile

5 Weirdest Things People Do To Get a Whiter Smile

White teeth are usually associated with cleanliness and good health. Of course, you also look better if you have whiter teeth. The problem is that going for regular teeth whitening service or tooth bleaching with a dentist would cost a lot of money.

This is why a lot of people would go the extra mile just to achieve a beautiful smile. There are common home whitening techniques that can be easily done. You would be surprised to find out that there were others who have tried some of the weirdest techniques just to achieve white teeth without spending a lot of money.

Using charcoal is one of these strategies. It is weird in a sense that we don’t necessarily use charcoal for the teeth. It is used for cooking. However, it has absorbent properties. When crushed and used as toothpaste, it could actually help clean the teeth. Just be careful not to swallow the particles.

Another strategy is using a banana peel. This is totally weird, but some people believe it works. Rubbing the banana peel for a minute could absorb dirt and stain. Hence, it could be whiter after several times of doing the same process.

If you can take these weird techniques, go ahead and give them a try. Besides, the items can be easily found at home. Some other techniques are listed on the infographic below just in case you are interested in trying them out.

Not all of them are advised by dentists, but if you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve a white and healthy teeth, give them a shot.

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5 Weirdest Things People Do To Get a Whiter Smile

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  1. I’m only familiar with oil pulling out of all these. Those who do oil pulling swear by this method!

    1. I have heard of the banana peel method before; although I have tried it personally for myself and have not noticed anything from it as of today! 🙁 🙂

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