What Benefits Are There in Breathing in Fresh Air?

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Have you ever stopped to think about the air that you breathe in? Neither have millions of other people in the world but that doesn’t mean you’re not appreciative of it. Breathing, just like blood running through our veins is one of the many things that was designed to happen automatically. There is so much that goes into breathing. After all, doing it is what keeps us alive. Maybe understanding nature will help us understand our life better.

There is air all around us, it was there even before we existed. Without it, every living thing would seize to exist. Just because breathing is automatic doesn’t mean that there’s nothing that we can do to make it better. There is fresh air and not so fresh air all around us. Just like food and water, you stand to benefit more from breathing in clean air. Purifying the air around us is not always at our disposal but we should give it our best shot whenever we can. Understanding the benefits of fresh air will motivate you towards doing everything possible to see to it that it happens.

Mental Clarity

Notice how people who meditate, do yoga or work out prefer doing it in airy places like outdoors? This is because it is where they are likely to get enough of it and in fresh crispy portions of it. Breathing in fresh air releases extra amounts of serotonin which triggers happiness. It nourishes your mind as well as your body.

With a full supply of oxygen, your red blood cells efficiently perform their duties, to deliver ample portions of it to your brain and other organs. In this case, simply sitting in your back yard in a meditative position and breathing in the fresh air around will help you think better, be more alert, relax better and even experience better results at work or at school.

No sick days left man blowing nose

Boost Immune System

Did you know that spending your days in airy places especially areas surrounded by trees will improve your immune system? Now you know. If stuck in an overcrowded office, sit close to the air purifier or the window and grab every opportunity there is to breathe in the fresh air.

Breathing in stuffy, polluted air exposes you to harmful substances that are capable of making your sick. The air is full of tiny components that measure up to 0.1 microns. These are capable of going in through your breathing system and get lodged in your lungs hence infection and other serious illnesses.

People who suffer from asthma and allergies are more likely to get frequent attacks when sitting in stuffy and overcrowded areas. This is because every single person in the room brings along air pollutants some obvious for instance perfume and others not so obvious for instance dust mites from outside. When these combine, the air becomes more toxic than you could ever imagine.

However, this does not mean that you should quit your job and lose all your luxury home stuff. Simply take breaks and go for walks around the building. While everyone else is cooped in the cafeteria, again, choose to enjoy your lunch in the yard under a tree.

Going for a walk during breaks or walking to and from your office will stimulate the production of monocytes and neutrophils. These are natural soldiers in your body that attack any bacteria or threat that goes into it. This way, your body stands a better chance at keeping potential infections away during the rest of the time that you have to spend in the crowded office.

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Stress Reduction and Happiness

If you are keen, you will notice that people who spend most of their days in air polluted areas are grumpier and stressed that those who don’t. Picture people in steamy restaurant kitchens and factories. This happens because the brain is deprived of ample and clean oxygen to facilitate its proper functioning.

This way, one feels like they are unable to think or even come with smart decisions when the need arises. You may also experience a string of bad decisions or inability to come up with smart solutions which may lower the quality of your life. The more this happens, the more frustrated you become and the higher your stress levels.

This is the same way that people prefer to take walks whenever they want to clear their minds. It simply helps you relax and even trigger happiness. Studies show that walking around and smelling roses significantly relaxes you. Inhaling the healing scent of jasmine and lavender is known to lower anxiety and improve your mood. Studies also show that the scent of pine trees will significantly reduce stress and increase relaxation and happiness.

Now that you know this, take more walks to the park, nearby woods for these wholesome benefits of fresh air. Do not underestimate the power in your back yard, a whiff of the freshly cut green grass will definitely help you experience the same benefits.

Every once in a while, stand in the yard and soak up in the rain. We used to enjoy it as kids so why not do it now? Soak in all the fresh and earthy air that comes with it. Let the downpour wash up all the pollution and be sure to grab every benefit that comes with it.

Nature is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. If there are not enough trees, bushes, grass or flowers around, take the initiative to grow some not only for yourself but for future generation.

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Fresh Boost of Energy

Do you feel drained from all the hard work and inadequate rest? Back away from that energy drink and rejuvenate the natural way. Research show that spending time in nature is bound to increase your energy levels up to 90%. This is strung to the mental clarity and fresh supply of clean that you stand to gain while outdoors. People who choose to have their morning jog around the neighborhood instead of the treadmill in the crowded gym have tapped into the secret.

Aids Digestion

It has been proven that taking a light walk outdoors after a meal significantly aids in digestion. The ample supply of fresh oxygen in all the organs of the body might explain this. So, instead of yawning the afternoon away at your office cubicle, take a walk to the fence and back.

Improves Blood Pressure

If you suffer from high blood pressure, it is advisable that you spend more time in properly aerated places. This will improve your blood pressure as well as the heart rate over time. Inhaling polluted air forces the heart and body to work extra hard to get things going. A simple task such as breathing in and allowing the oxygen to nourish your organs becomes such a tedious task and this takes a toll on your heart.

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Cleans your Lungs

Letting in clean fresh air through your airways sees to it that your lungs get a clean supply of the air. Your lungs will be able to dilate fully hence improving the cleansing action of your lungs. This way, your system will release toxins into the air and as it gets a clean supply of fresh air. Through this, you will gradually experience better health. This is especially so for people who are asthmatic and are allergic to dust or pollen.

Nature is key when it comes to cleaning the air around us. All that it asks of us is to take care of it and plant more of it. If you are unfortunate enough to live in an arid area where trees and other vegetation is scarce, air purifiers will come in handy.

With the right appliance, the air around you will be cleaned hence making it just as healthy as the air given by trees. Before you reach out to just any air purifier sitting around in your local store, it is advisable that you understand factors that make it worthy or unworthy.

An air purifier with the initials HEPA is the one to go for. HEPA is a high-performance filter that’s used in certain air purifiers to enable them to eradicate dust, pet dander, pollen, dead skin and fiber from the air. These are all harmful when inhaled and have the potential to trigger allergies and asthma attacks in the occupants of the home.

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Upon spotting a suitable air purifier that’s specifically built for this function, it is best that you hire an expert to install it in your home. This appliance works by suctioning the air in your home and running it through the HEPA filters. In here, the airborne pollutants will be trapped in the filters hence allowing only fresh air to flow out.

With time you will start noticing a fresher supply of clean and crisp air around your home. Increase the efficiency of your air purifier by dusting all surfaces as often as possible. However, if you choose to run the purifier throughout, the dust will be trapped in the air even before it gets to the surfaces. Click here to find out more about air purifiers. Looking for additional gift ideas? Read more about it here.

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