How to increase blood oxygen level in the body in naturally?

Well, in recent times, we saw people who did complain of breathing shortness when Coronavirus was at its peak. It is true that in most of the cases, it was a Corona-positive patient, but just that is not all related to it. There are people who do face this issue simply because of decreased blood oxygen levels in the body. There are many artificial as well as natural ways of increasing blood oxygen levels in the body. But, for using those, one should be aware of them. So here, we will see how to increase blood oxygen level in a natural way.  

Well, there is not just one natural way to increase oxygen levels in the blood. There are so many of them. We will see well in detail all those various natural ways of increasing the levels of blood oxygen in the body. 

how to increase blood oxygen level

Natural ways to increase blood oxygen level

The listed natural ways for understanding how to increase blood oxygen level in the body are as given below

1. Diet Change

Well, if you see the frequent lowering of blood oxygen levels in the body, then it’s high time for you to bring some changes to your regular diet plan. By changing your regular diet plan here, we mean to say that you need to add those food items to your diet plan which are rich in anti-oxidants. So, there should be an intake of blueberries, red kidney beans, strawberries, and blackberries. There has to be a good liquid diet also to be added with it all. 

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2. Active Exercises

Physical activities and exercises are something which is very helpful for people when it comes to leading a healthy life. Yes, it is true that these physical activities and exercises are a good natural way for how to increase blood oxygen levels naturally. There are various researches and data showing that a walk for 30 minutes can help you release stress, and also, it works well for your blood circulation system. 

how to increase blood oxygen level

3. Check your breathing

Many of us do not know this, but how we breathe is very much connected with the oxygen levels in our blood. The correct process for a normal person to breathe is through the diaphragm. Also, a healthy person should breathe slowly through the nose and should not be using the mouth. 

4. Clean Air

It is very important for you to breathe proper clean air; you should see that the air at your home and in your workspace is clean and pure. These are two places where you can keep the air quality under proper check. There are so many air purifiers available for you to choose from. This is how to increase blood oxygen level in the body in a natural way. 

5. Stop smoking 

When you go 24 hours without smoking, your oxygen levels increase along with a decrease in your blood pressure level. Cigarettes is having deadly carbon monoxide, that affects the oxygen holding capacity of the lungs. So the oxygen level decreases in your body while having a cigarette. Quitting smoking will increase the capacity of the lungs and then increases the regulation of oxygen in the whole body. This makes it simpler to participate in active work that promotes a great and healthy heart. In two days of putting out your last cigarette, you might see a better feeling of taste and smell

how to increase blood oxygen level

6. Prevent Dehydration

We should never forget that water is an essential component of the human body. The reason why water is important is that it helps in keeping the joints lubricated. Also, it works on maintaining the body temperature in the right manner. Water is a good source for the proper regulation of oxygen levels in the body. So, maintaining the hydration level in the body is the way how to increase blood oxygen level.

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Why one should focus on increasing the blood oxygen levels in natural ways?

As we have already discussed above that, there are innumerable ways to increase the oxygen level in the body artificially, but still, one should turn to natural methods. It is so because if one tries to balance it all artificially, then the body will get used to that, and this is something that can be harmful in the long term. 

So, balancing the levels of oxygen in the body through natural ways is the best way for working on it if the oxygen levels have gone down in a human body. 


How do we identify lower oxygen levels in the human body?

Well, it is quite obvious if you are reading this guide here, then that means you have noticed lower oxygen levels somewhere in the body of someone close to you or your own body. But if you are not from the proper medical background, then you may not know all of those symptoms for identifying lower oxygen levels.

 Below are the signature symptoms to identify lower oxygen levels in the human body. In the list, you will learn about all of them.

  • Breathing heavily
  • Short breathing
  • Pain in the chest
  • Increasing heart rate 
  • Headache
  • Visional issues 
  • Dizziness 
  • High blood pressure


So, this is all about how to increase blood oxygen level. Reading and going through this guide is going to help you very well in innumerable ways.

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