7 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity In Assignment

7 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity

Each of us has moments of inspiration when work moves with demonic speed, and it seems to you: it's about to come up with a completely unique idea. There are other days when you only need a rhyme like "spring and wing", and creative ideas seem to have announced a life boycott. Don’t be afraid: we’ll try to show you some ways of fighting with a luck of creativity in your work and life.

Here is the list of advice, which could be your key in assignment help Assignmenthelpers.com.au. You can try one of these methods to grow your creativity in the assignment or even successfully compile them.

  1. Try to think divergently

Even if you have some wild idea, don’t be afraid to share it with anybody else. Do not let any doubts stop you! One of the great ways to start to think in a wild way is to create mind maps! Mind maps are the reflection of an effective way of thinking, remembering, solving creative tasks, as well as the opportunity to present and clearly express their internal processes of dealing with information, to make changes and improve them. While lists help you capture the thoughts you already have, mind maps help to generate wildly new ones.

  1. Change your routine

The idea is to get away from your conventional stuff and get new ideas by a change of environment.

There are a million ways of not letting yourself settle into a certain kind of rut. But there is only one rule – try to do things in a different way than you used before. That’s all you have to do. As an example of changing routine, we want to recommend you a method that Austrian designer Stefan Sagmeister is using. Every 7 years, he takes an annual break and goes somewhere far away - in Sri Lanka or Bali, to break out of the usual workplace, completely change the environment and let creative ideas come true.

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Of course, you do not necessarily have to buy a ticket to Asia and move there for a year. Start with a walk, a trip to another city - anything to avoid seeing in front of your eyes such a familiar table and laptop screen.

  1. Cultivate positive emotions!

It is not a secret that positive emotions facilitate the implementation of cognitive tasks. Experiencing positive emotions, one better captures the relationship between objects, produce better categorization of objects. Positive emotions increase the productivity of cognitive processes, such as thinking, memorizing, categorization, promote a creative approach to solving various problems. People who are positive, they are much more open-minded, while negative emotions are narrowing your focus. In order to increase your creative potential - cultivate positive emotions and reduce negative ones. Being happy may be the key to unlocking your creative potential.

  1. Practice mindfulness.

If you need to do an assignment that you have no interest in, it’s very difficult to do it in a new way and to find creativity. To be more concentrated on your assignment, try practicing mindfulness. What we can advise you - try to focus on one thing at the moment, to ground yourself. This method calls dialectical behavioral therapy.

It’s very easy to find this thing for focusing - it can be your breathing (fast, slow, shallow or deep) or maybe something you are eating (pay attention on its shape or taste). Once you have concentrated, you will find it easier to create a new way of dealing with a task.

  1. Try to put deadlines.

Setting self-determined deadlines to create yours one is not only very important for your successful finishing of work but also helps to be more creative.  Just give yourself a set amount of time to finish a task, and reward yourself for meeting the deadline and don’t forget to have some punishment for making it longer, that you were planning. Make sure your timeline is realistic and there is nothing that could take your time and will interrupt you while working.

  1. Take time to stay alone with you
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Nowadays it’s very hard to stay alone. Even when we stay at home to relax from work and from friends, different devices always are with us. It will be enough a cup of coffee in loneliness or a toddler walk in the park. The results of such a "tete-a-tete with you" can be pleasantly surprised.

  1. Maximize the experience that gives you the “flow”

Flow is a feeling you experience when you do what you really love. This is the same feeling that the programmer experiences, sitting 15 hours at the computer and creating code. He enjoys every second. Writers experience this feeling when they lock themselves in their room and create novels. Musicians - when they play, doctors - when they treat. Each of us experienced this feeling. When you are really involved in this completely engaging process of creating something new there no other problems, you don't feel even that you are hungry or tired. So find your flow and let it be your main creativity in the assignment!

You can try to use these methods to stimulate and enhance your creativity. But don’t stop being creative only in assignment, try to build the world people want to belong to!

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