What Can Wearing Wrong Glasses Do to You?

What Can Wearing Wrong Glasses Do to You?

Glasses are more than a fashion accessory. They provide clarity of eyesight and protect the eyes. There are various consequences of wearing a wrong pair, which implies we should not take them for granted. Namely, some people encounter problems upon getting new prescription glasses. Their vision becomes blurry or they endure headaches. These symptoms are usually the result of new lenses not being the correct strength. However, they can also be linked to other problems, so do not ditch a new pair yet. It is time to assess the situation and determine what the real trigger behind symptoms is.

Facing the symptoms

Lenses that are wrong strength can cause blurry vision, headaches, impaired balance, and sense of dizziness. The tricky part is that these symptoms are not really exclusive to wearing glasses that are not suitable for you. So, you should consult your doctor to get to the bottom of what is really bothering you. Present the detailed history of your health and chronic conditions. Moreover, it also pays off to get in content with prescription glass services near you. Seek trusted brands like this reputable, USA-based provider that offers a wide range of products.

Why glasses matter

In case your glasses are not fitted properly, you cannot benefit from full visual protection. In fact, a pair that is too strong or too weak can do you much more harm than good and impede the quality of your life. Your eyesight is not endangered— this is a myth we want to debunk. But, just to name a few other implications, you could have trouble driving confidently or reading the small print. Beyond that, there are some more serious problems that potentially affect your health and well-being.

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Blurry vision

Blurry vision can occur even when your lenses are off by few degrees. But, it is something that you can experience also because your eyes are adjusting to new lenses. Now, this adjustment period should not last more than 2 weeks. If it does, then there are two probable options: either the prescription is wrong or the lenses do not perfectly match it.  Both things should prompt you to take action and double-check if your prescription product is really suitable.

Eye strain

As for the eye strain, it refers to the feeling of pain around and behind your eyes. It can be that the culprit behind this issue is wrong prescription product worn for a prolonged period of time. Note that many people describe this pain as a headache because it does resemble that dull, aching sensation in the frontal part. You can test if glasses are to blame by not wearing them during certain parts of the day. If the pain stops, you know that something is not right about them.


It should be mentioned that headaches and blurry vision might be related to a number of serious illnesses. Another similar symptom to keep an eye on is vertigo. It represents a sense of dizziness or the feeling of being thrown off balance when sitting and standing. Blurry vision is one of the possible causes, alongside inner ear problems and other conditions. Finally, remember that inadequate prescription can aggravate problems for people who already have a type of vertigo.

Ever watchful

The effect of your fields of vision not being ideally corrected can be many. To stay on the safe side, pay attention to warning signs and take action promptly. That being said, do not rush to change your glasses the moment you notice the symptoms. Get in touch with your doctor to determine the cause, be it an error in prescription or something else. Explore the possibility of issues like blurry vision being a consequence of a serious health problem. Neglecting the aforementioned issues is not a way to go.

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