CBD is quickly becoming the most preferred choice in the treatment of heart disease

CBD is quickly becoming the most preferred choice in the treatment of heart disease

In the United States, cannabis is more into the mainstream than ever.  Washington DC and 29 other states have made medical marijuana and or recreational marijuana legal which clearly shows that the interest in cannabis is growing. Cannabis that we usually picture as a recreational drug has now moved into the realms of medical treatment. Cannabis has several health benefits provided you can apply it correctly. More and more people suffering from heart disease are now turning to CBD oil to explore the powers of Cannabis in treating them. Since CBD oil has no harmful side effects, the clamor is growing to try it out as an alternative to prescription medications that come with several side effects.

The medical power of cannabis of which CBD oil is a part originates from the group of active compounds cannabinoid that the plant contains. There are 80 different strains of cannabinoids available from the cannabis plant that gives the plant its psychoactive and medicinal properties.  The best know cannabinoid is indeed THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, which has made cannabis famous for giving the ‘high’ and has given it a bad name too. However, the star among cannabinoids with medicinal qualities is CBD or Cannabidiol that has now found wide applications from skin care to heart care and from pain management to neurological treatments.

CBD oil for treating heart disease

Putting aside the confusion, that still prevails about the legality of cannabis; you can safely procure and use CBD oil available from many online stores including. Despite being a derivative of the cannabis plant, CBD oil is different in that it does not have significant psychoactive properties and therefore there is no fear of getting ‘high’ with it. Moreover, the use of CBD is legal and leaves nothing to worry about it. It is now a proven fact that CBD oil helps to treat heart disease and hypertension even though it is still not clear how it works on the body. However, you can be sure that there are no side effects. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD and its ability to calm down nerves to aid good sleep are the possible attractions for choosing it to treat heart disease.

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Heart disease or a heart defect

Could you use CBD oil for treating a person suffering from congenital heart defect? The question arises because you need to have clarity about what exactly is heart disease to decide whether CBD oil could do any good. If there is some defect in the heart right from birth, that affects the cardiovascular system; it is not a disease but congenital heart defect.  The defect originates from the time the fetus grows in the womb and is a very common type of congenital disorder. Depending on the severity of the defect, doctors decide whether to take any corrective action by way of surgery or medicines or to leave it alone to heal on its own.

The heart disease that we normally refer to are problems that develop in the cardiovascular system at any stage in life and affects the circulatory system as well as the heart. Such conditions are not present at the time of birth but develop at a later stage. Cardiovascular disease is preventable in many cases by controlling hypertension for which CBD oil works very well.

Types of cardiovascular disease

  • Atherosclerosis – The most common type of heart disease is atherosclerosis that results from lifestyle problems like lack of exercise, uncontrolled eating, excessive use of alcohol and or tobacco and sedentary lifestyle. The disease manifests by building up plaques in the arterial walls that restrict blood flow to and from the heart thereby weakening it. The heart is unable to perform normally and if not treated it could lead to stoppage of blood flow resulting in stroke or heart failure.
  • Heart failure – It will be wrong to construe that heart failure means only heart stoppage because the inability of the heart to perform well is what actually meant by heart failure. Usually, cardiovascular disease includes various conditions when the heart does not function satisfactorily due to difficulties in circulating blood throughout the body that results in diminishing nutrients and oxygen reaching the body organs.
  • Arrhythmia – Problems with a regular heartbeat is a condition related to arrhythmia when the heart beats too fast, too slow or even skips a few beats. It leads to poor heart performance.
  • Heart Valve disease – Any condition related to the malfunctioning of the heart valves constitutes heart valve disease. Chest pain, fatigue, loss of consciousness, lightheadedness, and shortness of breath are some symptoms of the disease that can even not show any symptoms at all.
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Treating heart disease with CBD

Several results from clinical trials have established how effective CBD can be for the treatment of some cardiovascular disease, especially atherosclerosis. The reports clearly demonstrate the positive effects of CBD on people suffering from hypertension and plaque buildup in the arteries. Since atherosclerosis is associated with inflammation and CDB has strong anti-inflammatory properties, it works particularly well on people suffering from the disease. By controlling inflammation, CBD provides good relief to patients. Moreover, the effectiveness of CBD in treating patients suffering from choked arteries due to the development of plaques in the artery walls is now well documented in various studies and researches conducted across the world. Regular use of CBD has shown marked improvement in blood flow that improved the heart performance.

Neurological benefits of CBD

Heart diseases affect not only the cardiovascular system but also the neurological system.  A heart attack can damage brain cells, which can also happen during a stroke. Studies have revealed that CBD is capable of adequately protecting the neurological system, which is the reason for people looking upon it as a neuroprotector.  It is also capable of reducing the aftershocks of heart attacks and ensures a speedy recovery.

Whether or not CBD can cure heart disease is a question that still has no answer but that it can reduce the risks of stroke and heart disease is a fact that has the backing of numerous studies.

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