Popular Health Screening Services and Packages

Popular Health Screening Services and Packages

Good health is a priority for many families today. It is very common to find families discussing ways of ensuring that everyone has undergone medical checks, more so in families with a history of cancer. The BRCA gene test is done to determine the susceptibility of a person to getting cancer in the future. If you test positive for the cancer-causing gene, the medical health practitioners present you with a myriad of choices to immediately prevent it.

It can be scary going in for such tests, but they are necessary because they give you the option of preventing something serious from the outset.  You can also get checked for things such as heart disease, kidney failure, and liver failure. In recent times, mental health has entered the conversation in almost all fields of life, and rightly so.

Many people are not aware, but it is possible to be screened for mental health issues. Many hospitals and screening facilities are providing such services. Bluescreen Health screening is an example of a screening facility. They have over 2,000 mobile clinics in England and Wales to ensure that they reach as many people as possible.

If you are not aware of the screens they offer, here is a list of the most popular screens:

  1. Female Cancer Risk

This is a package that is mostly recommended for women over the age of 40. Testing while you are under 40 years can lead to cases of false positives and false negatives.

You will Hbe screened for all the cancers such as ovary, lungs, and blood.

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You will be granted a follow-up consultation where you can talk through your concerns with a qualified medical practitioner as well as a helpline that is available 24/7.

This package goes for £269.

  1. Heart Disease and Stroke complete

This is the most comprehensive cardiovascular health package; you will get an analysis of the heart, artery, lung, and blood health.

Once you get the results, you will discuss the results with a practitioner.

A helpline is available to you all year round for 24 hours a day in case there are concerns you want to discuss.

This package goes for £249.

  1. Heart Disease and Stroke Active

This is the entry-level package for heart and circulatory screens.

It covers your heart, liver, kidney, stroke risk, and general health markers. It is mostly done for men and women over the age of 40.

It has an annual helpline available 24/7 meaning you can call in anytime in case you have questions.

This package goes for £129.

  1. Heart Disease and Stroke Core

This package gives you more advanced information on the health of your internal organs. You get to know about your full blood count, the function of your lungs, stroke risks, and blood risks.

You also get furnished with general information about your immune system.

Like all the aforementioned packages, there is a helpline that is available for 24 hours throughout the year.  This package goes for £169.

In conclusion, there are several categories under which you will find different packages. If you know your family health history well, you will be able to know exactly where to go to find the screening that you need.

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Fret not if you do not know your family health history well as the medical practitioners at the screening centers will be able to guide you.

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