Overview about the resin incense

Overview about the resin incense crystals

Resin is actually a term which refers to the dried natural liquid that extrudes from the different aromatic trees when they are probably sliced. This resin available in the tree is really very helpful to repair it from the different kinds of damages to its exterior limbs and trunks. After sliced the tree, this natural sap or liquid is then collected & dried whether by traditional or modern methods. Then, it is sold in the market for the various purposes.

Why using dried resins?

Overview about the resin incense flower

In the ancient times, the humans were used these dried resins for the various treatments as they understand its excellent healing power. The resins have a very longer history of use around the world.

Most generally, the resins were used as the resin incense & burned on charcoal even though it is not uncommon to see them created into the incense cones or sticks. The resins from the aromatic trees also have quite strong scents when burned and are providing rich aromatic smell to cleanse the surrounding area.

Most commonly used resins:

Overview about the resin incense flowers

The following are a complete list of natural resins used by the humans for the different benefits. They include,

  • Benzoin – This benzoin resin is usually collected from the tree named Styrax Tonkinensis that grows usually in the countries such as Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China. Laos country is one of the leading suppliers of this type of resin. This aromatic compound is somewhat difficult to produce because this Styrax trees would only be spouted for the benzoin gum once in every 7 years. Some of the individuals are also using this benzoin resin as the Storax. This particular resin has numerable uses such as veterinary medicine, incense, scented candles and also cosmetics. In a few countries, the people are using it for flavouring their drinks, foods and even candies.
  • Amber – Amber resin is a rich aromatic resin which contains the amazing scent. It has the longer years of history in India and it is frequently burned on the charcoal and used for the different types of the incense purposes. In the perfume industry, this amber resin has the noticeable advances used by the ancient Egyptians. Amber was a general ingredient used in such kinds of perfumes those days.
  • Copal – It is a particular term provided to hardened tree liquid or sap from the Copal tree. In some of the South American cultures, this copal was used in the religious ceremonies. It is also used as the incense in many countries’ culture in the different types of the well known ceremonies such as sacred mushroom ceremonies and sweat lodge. These resins are usually coming in the few various varieties including black copal resins, lower quality yellow copal resins and white copal resins which are commonly used by the different kinds of people. The black and white copal resins are considered to be the high quality resins.
  • Frankincense – It is a well known and very popular type of the resin extracted from the tree which is named Boswellia. It has the longer history in both the North Africa and Middle East Africa. When you are considering the Middle East Africa, the raw resin was actually chewed for its dental and anti-inflammatory benefits. During the religious ceremonies, the Assyrians and Babylonians burned this frankincense resin. This natural resin is generally used as the incense, medicine and also perfume.
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Some other popular resins used:

Overview about the resin incense dragon blood

  • Dragon’s blood – It is bright red resin that is collected from any part of the genera plant such as Daemonorops, Croton, Pterocarpus, Dragaena and Calamus. It has long been used for the varnish, incense, medicine and also dye. In China, this resin was used as the varnish to be applied on the decorative wood. At the same time, it has also been used in the different types of the spiritual practices.
  • Opopanax – This kind of resin is also called a Commiphora guidottii or also the sweet myrrh. It is generally the flowering perennial tree that produces the bunch of the small sized yellow flowers. This resin contains the warm and earthy scent and smells just like the combination of the lavender and balsam. From ancient days to still now, most of the people are using it for healing the wounds but also used for the different other purposes. Most of the times, this resin is also distilled into the strong essential oil and used mainly for the cosmetic crafting and aromatherapy. As this tree is only grown in the cooler climates, they have the inferior quality.
  • Myrrh – This type of resin is just similar to the frankincense and myrrh resin is highly important to be used for the different healing purposes. In the different Chinese, Egyptian and Tibetan cultures, this resin has been used for the longer years. Myrrh resin was added in the medical systems of the Tibet and China countries. When it comes to the Chinese medicine, it has been used to heal the wounds for many years.
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General benefits of the natural resins:

Overview about the resin incense

The natural resins from the different types of trees are basically the mixture of various organic compounds. The trees secrete resins for the diverse range of protective benefits especially in the response to the injury. They also have the best capability to protect the tree or plant from the pathogens and insects. The following are the most considerable health benefits of regularly using the resins from the different trees. They include,

  • Resin builds & repairs healthy tissue.
  • It is the best and natural energizer and performance enhancer especially for the sports personalities.
  • Weight management
  • Elevates your overall immune response.
  • Improves your blood, bone and heart health better.

Some of the special types of resins also help improving your memory, mental clarity and as well as the concentration. They promote your feelings of well being and also the emotional stability. The naturally occurred resins are slowing down your aging process and increasing an ability to tolerate the mental, environmental and emotional stress.

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