7 iPhone 6 apps that will make women’s life easier

7 iPhone 6 apps that will make women's life easier

Nowadays, many gadgets and devices come to our life to help us be more organized, help us gather tasks and list our to-dos in more efficient ways and iPhones are no exception to that. There are also the ones created to entertain us and provide some relaxing and leisure moments, those that are absolutely necessary to continue being productive and keeping on with our lives.

On top of the list: smartphones

Among the many devices available, such as music players, tablets, video consoles and electronic notebooks, one item has been on top of the list for most of the time: smartphones. The many functions available in smartphones make them the perfect gadget to reunite all your favorite apps and have them just at a one-click distance.

What do you need?

Well, for a start you need a smartphone. There are plenty of options, but we are listing here the apps that will suit your life with an iPhone 6. There are also all the accessories you can buy to help keep your phone in perfect state and take care of it, the place to find what you need for an iPhone 6 and 6s case: amazon.com.

  1. Slice

When buying online, you have to take some time to check many websites and retailers to find the best price of that lovely dress; it is also quite annoying to check in every day to see if prices have changed or if the sellers have some offer or sale. Slice takes care of that for you and sends updated information of prices dropping on those awesome heels you have selected.

  1. Waze
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You have probably already heard about Waze since it has been on the market for quite a while now. Waze will use real-time traffic information to help you drive through the city with easy and avoid possible hazards, accidents, traffic jams and such. A real help in a moment in modern times when being on time for a date is as important as the content of the date itself.

  1. Amount

How many times have you found yourself in the middle of a burning recipe just to realize the oven heat was measured in Celsius and not Fahrenheit? With “Amount,” those problems can be easily solved since this is a conversion app that lists plenty of categories so that you do not need to go to different pages to convert from a currency to another or a unit of measurement to another. Moreover,  convert from miles to Km, and from Dollars to Euros in a split second.

  1. Pocket

Whenever you are shuffling through content and find a meaningful piece of information that you would like to check out later with more time you can use Pocket. Put it in your pocket and read it later. It allows you to save pretty much any kind of information and you can access later even if you are offline. This is a very useful tool if you happen to have plenty of time in areas where your signal is just not enough.

  1. Audible

The idea of having time to read books is sometimes difficult to achieve. There are so many things to do that having both of your hands in a book is a pleasure most of us cannot have. But Audible offers a second best option, listening to a book. This way you will have the time to do some more activities while listening to your favorite author.

  1. Around me
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This app is wonderful if you plan to travel or if you travel frequently. It will list all commerce and shops around so that you don’t need to get lost and ask half a dozen people to reach a place. The app will show you how far these places are and more information if you select the option from the list.

  1. My Fitness Pal

If you like keeping track of the calories on your meals and keeping a healthy and controlled lifestyle then My Fitness Pal is the right one for you, it will allow you to save plenty of information on the food you intake and also how you use that energy. You can also share your progress with family and friends to make the process fun and easier.

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