Ways to Limit the Impact of EMFs on the Body

Ways to Limit the Impact of EMFs on the Body

EMFs or Electromagnetic Fields are present in electronic devices. With increased exposure to EMFs, you are at risk of various illnesses. You can’t avoid EMFs as they are all around you, but there are steps to help reduce their impact on your body.

Move away from strong sources of EMF radiation

If your house is near areas with these sources of EMF radiation, you need to consider moving out. EMF sources include radio stations, electrical generators, electricity lines, cell phone towers, and train tracks. If your house is within a short distance from these sources, you might run the risk of developing leukaemia.

Limit your exposure at home

Even when you are inside your house, you might also be exposed to the risk of EMFs. You can limit it by turning all your appliances off when not in use. You also need to shift to wired internet connections, instead of WiFi, if you are the only one using the internet at a given time. Turn the router off at night since everyone is sleeping.

Don’t sleep next to your phone

A lot of people feel so tired at night that they end up sleeping next to their phone. It is too risky since your phone is a source of EMF. Imagine being the closest recipient of EMF as you are next to your phone the entire night. Even when you are not using your phone, it still keeps on emitting radiation. Therefore, you need to put it away if possible.

Eat nutritious foods

You might think that the food you eat has nothing to do with your exposure to radiation. The truth is that what you eat could also mitigate oxidative stress due to the exposure to EMF. Therefore, it helps if you change your diet and let go of unhealthy foods. You also need to try Himalayan salt as it counters the charge of radiation from your mobile devices. 

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Try grounding

Grounding is a process where you allow your body to neutralise positive ions coming from electronic devices. Walking barefoot on the ground is the perfect way to ground, or dipping your feet in running water.

Use EMF protection

You can buy EMF protective devices like an EMF pendant if you want to stay protected against EMFs. The device helps block the radiation from entering your body. Instead of harming you, the tools will serve as a shield to limit the impact of radiation. You will stay safe even if you are near objects that cause radiation, or you are regularly using your phone. 

You might not think that EMF exposure could lead to serious health problems. You might also be reading different research that doesn’t have the same conclusion on the impact of using mobile phones. However, if you try to do these things that will protect you from radiation, you won’t lose anything. There is nothing wrong with trying these strategies if you think they will keep you from harm.

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