Family photo ideas to try out this Christmas

Family photo ideas to try out this Christmas

It’s that time of the year and you are definitely prepping up! Of course, by ‘that time’ we mean it is almost Christmas! The season is approaching and we can’t have enough of it. People are already lost in the decorations and preparations with everyone around. This time not only brings in a month-long festival time but also cheers us up for the New Years. It paves way for the new beginnings and happy a new year. But before you set out to make memories, you need to capture them too. And what great time it would try out Christmas photoshoot ideas?

Ideas for the photographers

If you’re the photographer, here are a few tips you can ask the families to follow to get the right shot:

  • Ask the families to come close to capture affection with a festive background. This will help you express the time around and spread the love and joy of Christmas.
  • Make the family comfortable around your presence so that they can give poses full of madness.
  • Make sure to choose the right photo pose involving the children. Find out lovely elements and how you can use them. Also, do not miss out on the candid shots.
  • If the family has pets, ask them to include their furry friends too. This helps you get the complete family picture.
  • Follow a Christmas theme and ask them to dress accordingly. Have some Christmas themed colors to bring out the best in the pictures.
  • Make sure to use the Christmas accessories as props. Ask any of the family members to dress like a Santa. If you’re having a photo shoot with kids, ask their parents to dress them up as elves.
  • Make use of Christmas lights in Atlanta as they can give you the perfect backgrounds and light setting. Using colorful and decorative lighting options will oomph up your images even more.
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Photoshoot ideas to try

Creating a beautiful decor has to be in your to-do list for Christmas shoots. The mood has to be festive with everything set in the right place. From lights to other Christmas decorations, use it all and get the perfect picture. Well, but a picture is incomplete without poses. Some of the poses you can follow for the Christmas photoshoot ideas include the following:

  1. Santa Helpers

It’s Christmas and Santa needs help. So, why not ask your kids to be one of them. You can choose to turn your kid into an elf or a reindeer. Their images will have a greater impact if you have pets around. Suppose, you make your pet dog look like a reindeer – it can brighten up the total concept!

  1. Presents on the door

This is the best photoshoot idea with a baby. A newborn kid or a toddler is a present to the whole family. So, let’s bring it out on frames. Put the child in a completely decorated gift box and let them wear a Santa cap. The photo will turn out to be the most adorable one out of all your Christmas photos.

  1. Baby in the stocking

Gifts in the stockings are always special. Also, Santa happens to drop his best gifts in our stockings. So, the baby in your Christmas stocking is a nice Christmas photoshoot idea to try it with your newborn.

  1. Bedtime stories

Christmas bedtime stories were a major part of our childhood. So, you can try to bring back the nostalgia. This Christmas photoshoot idea with the family can take you back to your childhood. Also, you can try out your Christmas bedtime clothes. The benefit of this is you don’t need to pose. The candids, in this case, will turn out to be more realistic.

  1. Matching Pajamas
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This is the best Christmas photoshoot idea for kids. Dress up all your kids in similar clothes and make them sit together. Just normal pictures can show the amount of naughtiness you deal with every day.

Now that you have so many ideas to work on, it is time you get working. If you don’t have enough resources, but you want to click festive photos this season, find out a Santa near you and collaborate.

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