Where is Suge Knight Now?

Where is Suge Knight Now

Here is the detail about Where is Suge Knight Now? Suge Knight is currently viral on social media. He is a very dangerous and very skillful gangster. He is an American former record executive and a convicted felon. Suge Knight is also the co-founder and the former CEO of death row records. He is currently very viral on social media because currently he is in prison. He is currently 58 years old and he has married also. And he has also two children who are Bailei Knight and Suge Jacob Knight.

Where is Suge Knight Now

Where Is Suge Knight Now?

Suge Knight is currently in prison and it is ordered that he will be in prison till October 2034. As he was sentenced to spend 28 years of his life in prison. In the year 1989, he published his own music publishing company. He got so much profit at a time when the vanilla ice company agree to sign over his royalties. Then he met with some other partners and formed a death row records company. He is currently in prison.

What Happened To Him?

He is currently in prison. When he was sent to the court the judge decided his destiny after a very long discussion. The judge after a very long discussion decided to imprison him for a total of 28 years. His punishment was confirmed that that time and currently he is in prison and will be in prison till October 2034.

The 22 years in prison of him was for running over the victim and the remaining 6 years were the punishment to him because it was the third strike under California’s three strikes law of him.


If we talk about the family of Suge Knight, he is currently married and has a total of 5 children’s also. He has five kids with her wife. He was married to Sharitha Knight and she is her spouse. They both lived a very happy life with each other and got a total of 5 kids.

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All five children are Andrew Knight, Bailie Knight, Legend Knight, Posh Knight, and Taj Knight. The father of him is Marion Knight Sr. Her mother is currently Maxine Chatman. He is currently 58 years old and living his life in prison.

Early Life:

Now we are moving on to the early life of Suge Knight. He was born on April 16 in the year 1965 and currently, his age is 58 years. Suge Knight was born in California in the City of Compton. He was born to Maxime and Marion Knight who are his parents. His parents also gave him a nickname which wSugargar Bear. And his name which his parents gave him as a nickname leads him to be known in public as Suge. But his real name is Marion Hugh Knight.

He played football too much in his school life and his teenage life. He also part participated in the school football team and on that school football team, he was a very crucial participant who has so many skills in football. Suge Knight was also a very great student academically who was very sharp and outstanding in his studies in school life. He remained a great athlete also in his whole life. After completing his school and college life he went to join the University of Nevada. He join this University on a football scholarship because he was very good and football.

Suge Knight played two years of football for his University team and he aimed for a professional football career of him also. He was also picked by Los Angeles Rams. But his dream remained a dream and he cannot achieve that dream of becoming a professional footballer. He did not get many chances to play and his football career and it after a few years.

Suge Knight Wife:

The wife of Suge Knight is a very famous and popular American producer. His wife is a very multi-talented and skillful music producer. She is a former American music producer and promoter and still, she is retired and her career is ended as she is a very aged person. She is not the wife of Suge Knight now but she is the ex-wife of him. Now she is known as a former music producer. As Suge Knight is now in prison, she has completely broken all her ties with him. She has also been part of the controversy over the death of the famous rapper because of which Suge is in prison now.

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The wife of Suge Knight is currently 55 years old and was born in Los Angeles on January 24 in the year 1968. She spent her childhood in Los Angeles city and completed her education in that city as well. Sharitha Knight attended George Washington Preparatory in Los Angeles. She has also completed her degree in the same University as Suge Knight which is the University of Nevada.


Today in this article we have discussed the details of Suge Knight. He is a very viral person currently on social media who is in prison at present. Suge Knight is ordered to be in prison till 2034 because of the punishment of 28 years. He is 58 years old and married also and has a total of five children.

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