Mid-Life Crisis? How to Regain Control

Mid-Life Crisis? How to Regain Control

When you hit middle-age, it can be a confusing time. While you have worked hard to achieve qualifications and pursue a career, provided for and supported your partner, friends, and family to the best of your ability, you can suddenly feel overwhelmed and underachieving.

Juggling family obligations and work commitments for years on end has exhausted you and prompts you to reevaluate what exactly it is you want from life, and this reflection often leads to some big changes needing to be made.

How can you tell if you are having a mid-life crisis?

There are signs and symptoms of a mid-life crisis that are often present but go unnoticed when you are leading a busy life:

  • You have a lack of confidence and your self-esteem plummets
  • Apathy
  • You recognize the steps you need to take to improve your life, but fail to act
  • Your vision of your future fills you with dread

What can you do?

When you were younger you had optimism about life and what you were going to achieve; by middle-age, the rose-tinted glasses have slipped off, and you become aware of the harsh reality of your situation. The phrase mid-life crisis was coined in the 1960s, and life has changed dramatically since then, and so has the way that you can cope with it.

  1. Accept past decisions and live in the present

During this period of uncertainty, you need to accept the decisions that you have made and live in the present. Yes, your youthful dreams may not have transpired, but that does not mean that you are failing. Be grateful for the achievements that you have accomplished and chalk up the missed opportunities as experience.

  1. Take positive action
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When you are in this state of worry, you need to take positive actions to rebalance. Start by making sure that you eat a healthy and balanced diet so that you are fueled by nutrient giving food that will enhance your physical and mental stamina. Undertake a regular exercise regime that will help the blood flow and release the happy hormones endorphins. By improving your health and general fitness, you will develop more resilience to stress and have an outlet for it.

  1. Be kind to yourself

You cannot continue this path of self-criticism, you need to be kind to yourself. Think about what will make you happy and go for it. If it’s learning a new skill or doing an activity, commit to it. Or, perhaps your confidence is down because of male pattern baldness, investigate how a hair transplant that can improve it, there are many options open to you, just spend the time to explore what is best for you. A good starting point is this blog provided by veraclinic.net.

Rather than thinking of this phase of development as a negative, think of it as an opportunity to open doors, learn and make positive steps to feeling more fulfilled with life – a secondary adolescent if you will.

A mid-life crisis is typically used to describe this phase in life, and it often comes when you least expect it. You begin to question everything that you have been doing all your life, you carefully thought out plans suddenly don’t seem to make sense to you and you feel like you have lost your sense of self and purpose. But don’t lose hope, you have the power to embrace the change and thrive.

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