8 Mistakes in Your Paper Which Will Make It Not Original

8 Mistakes in Your Paper Which Will Make It Not Original

A lot of students fear that all of their hard work would be in vain when it comes to writing a paper. This is completely understandable. There is never an easy way to detect if your paper would be original. You have to ensure that you cover all of your basis and give yourself the best chance at success. If this means that you have to use a paraphraser, then that is what you need to do. These 8 mistakes are made often and if corrected can take your paper from average to winning.


There is always updates and trends changing and it is important that we stay up to date with this information. Your paper would not get the score you desire if you are writing about aspects of a case that no longer is in effect. Always keep it to the current views.

False facts

This is tied in with not researching what is currently true, but it also stands as a point on its own. You may need to simply rephrase a sentence to make it truthful. In many cases it’s just a matter not researching the way it should be.

Not reading requirements

With every task you receive, you will get a list of requirements for the task. Pay close attention because we often miss a lot by not reading the instructions. Even if this means that you take a little more time on this step. The requirements are there as a guide and should be used as such.

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Poor grammar

If you are shooting to get the highest possible score on this paper, you need to look at your language skills first. Poor grammar use is one of the biggest factors in getting a less that desirable score. Everyone has goals and it is never satisfactory to get poor marks on something that can be easily avoided.

No proof

Everything that you state in your paper needs to be based on facts. If you cannot prove that what you are saying is true, it defeats the whole purpose. Always base your paper on proven facts to get the best possible outcome. We have access to a lot of information and everything can be checked and verified.


This is a big one and can make it seem like your paper is unoriginal. You can easily find a text paraphrase if need be. There is no plagiarism accepted in any writing. You cannot use the words of another writer without giving credit or you need to learn how to paraphrase.

Ineffective structure

The way we express ourselves is very important. There is no getting away from this point. We need to show some structure in our writing or it would appear to reflect poorly. Take your time when you write and do everything with purpose.

Bad conclusion

You need to start your paper strong, but you also need to have a powerful ending to your paper. When you do your planning, always have a strong conclusion in mind. You can always restructure your paper when you are done writing to make sure this happens.

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What Do You Do to Make Sure Your Paper Is Original?

Are there any steps you take to make sure you write a paper that is original? We all have our own methods and it is important to stick with what works. Add a few tricks to your list of methods, but generally do what works for you.

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