Everything You Need to Know About Depression

When you are alone, have no one to share anything at all, you may end up feeling sad, and it is easier for one to come out of this state quickly. But, if the same state of mindset continues for a longer duration coupled with humiliation, abuses, insecurity, and loneliness can lead to depression. Depression is a condition where people end up becoming wholly disturbed and fail to perform their daily tasks as well.

There are a lot of reasons for a person to get into depression. In this article, we have written everything that one has to know about depression. Understanding the reasons for depression is quite common, but finding prevention is one of the toughest. Hence, an effort to explain both the causes and the preventions are being made in this write-up.

Reasons for depression

  1. Family history 

Some studies have proved that depression can be hereditary. If either of your parents is suffering from depression or have had a history of depression running in the family for a longer time, then it is more likely to be affecting the next line of generation as well.

  1. Bad childhood

When children have gone through a lot of trouble and trauma during their childhood, then they are most likely to be prone to depression. Comparison with other children by parents, bullying by friends, and humiliation at school, abusive and alcoholic parents and physical abuse can lead to severe depression as they grow up.

  1. Excessive smoking

People who are into excessive smoking are also like to suffer from depression. It is said that nicotine, when consumed in higher quantities, can affect the development of the brain, causing depression. A lot of smoking can cause addiction, and this can be traumatic at times and can lead to depression.

  1. Getting addicted to technology

Most of the youngsters try finding happiness by getting addicted to technology. Especially the ones who are addicted to social media platforms are known to get easily succumbed to depression. They would continuously be monitoring the number of likes and followers. If there is a slight decrease in either of these parameters, they will start developing an identity crisis. It can lead to severe depression. Hence, it is essential to have limited access to things related to technology.

  1. Unhappy relationships

Most of the people who are in relationships that are unhealthy can also end up being depressed. The constant seek out for love from the partner can start building huge expectations. When your partner fails to meet these expectations and starts ignoring you, you will end up feeling frustrated and humiliated. If this continues for a longer duration, you may end up feeling lonely and restless. When such things happen in relationships, one may end up developing the symptoms of depression.

  1. Unable to accept the reality 

A few people would always enjoy being in a fantasy world, which is entirely unrealistic. They fail to understand the nuances of life. When life poses tough situations, it becomes difficult for such people to handle stress leading to failure. When they continuously keep failing in all every endeavor or step, they try to take in life, they start building a negative image about themselves. Constant self-criticism and negative thoughts might end up causing depression in people like these.

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Now that we have understood some of the common causes of depression, it is time we know some of the preventive measures to tackle them.

  • Eat healthily and sleep well

It is one of the essential things that one must follow when they are fighting depression. Maintaining a proper diet and sleeping well can relax your mind and help you when you are depressed.

  • Involve in physical activities

When you involve yourselves in physical activities like running, walking, swimming, cycling, etc. your body would end up releasing all the accumulated energy and makes you feel completely relaxed. Feeling fresh every day is essential to keep yourselves away from depression.

  • Surround yourself with people who can motivate you 

Surrounding yourselves with people who can cheer you up during the tough situations is far better than having people who would make you feel even uglier about yourselves.

  • Find friends who make you happy

Change your friend’s circle if the vibes and frequencies are clashing. Some friends would end up jeopardizing your lives by rubbing their negativity in you your system. So, keeping a constant check on your friend’s circle is mandatory.

  • Prepare a to-do list

Try to prepare a to-do list and prioritize your daily activities. When you start prioritizing things, you would not have time to think about unwanted thoughts. When the mind is occupied, you would be free of other things that can make you feel low.

  • Make sure to join a yoga or meditation class 

Yoga and meditation can relax the whole body. By practicing breathing techniques and yoga, you can stay away from unwanted stress in life, which can be a potential reason for you to get depressed.

  • Develop a new hobby

Hobbies are always good to keep yourselves busy and happy. Hobbies would enable the creative side in you by making you happy. Anything that makes you happy has to be practiced regularly to avoid depression.

  • Do not deny the fact that you were once depressed 

It is okay to tell people that you were once depressed instead of hiding it and dwelling on the thoughts. It is always good to accept the condition and find means and ways to fight it instead of denying the fact. It would be a better choice and give you more confidence to combat depression.

  • Seek help when you need 

There is a lot of help available these days for people who go through depression. Shouting out for help is not a shameful act. So, do seek advice and get yourselves out of a terrible condition like depression.

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Depression is a disorder in the brain, and it can affect anybody, and at times, can lead to deaths as well. So, taking proper preventive measures and understanding everything about it is recommended.

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