A Look At Some Fun Ways To Spend Your Free Time


Let’s look at ways to have some fun, relax and unwind; particularly valuable in uncertain times or during hectic moments; these tips and hacks are great for your mental wellness. Take a deep breath and let’s look at great ways to spend your free time and also a huge list of sites here.

Take Your Mind off the Grind

Try reading, it’s an obvious choice, but in these days of social media, it can be an old fashioned form of enjoyment. If you enjoy doing it, you’ll never run out of new material, whether you’re a Kindle person or a paperback champion you can find an endless supply of stuff to read on the Internet and you can also find a huge list of sites here .

Did you know all the classics are free because they are so old they are no longer within copyright regulations so choose from the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer or the Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, how about Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert or Moby Dick by Herman Melville the list is endless and exciting

If you want a hard copy? Pick up used books at garage sales and charity shops, or take advantage of your free library card as soon as libraries re-open. Once you have read a few books, consider writing one of your own.

Write a book or Online Blog.

It’s a fact that everyone has one book inside them and, according to many professional authors, “ it should stay there”. Don’t be put off; get your thoughts down on paper and, you never know, you may be the next Gustave Flaubert or Mark Twain. 

Even the professionals need some help, so check out the courses that are available online – the Open University is offering free classes. If you love it, you could go on to do a qualification or get published.

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Here’s an interesting fact – in November 2019 a man nicknamed “The Banksy of Poetry” wrote his first book of poems entirely on Twitter. As each tweet is only 280 characters long, that’s a lot of tweets. Why not give it a try: you never know where that may lead.

Alternative Artwork

Refresh your furniture, if you’re tired of looking at that dull bedside chest in the house? Why not revamp it by giving it a fresh lick of paint and upcycling some furniture in your home. 

Lots of online auction sites are selling old pieces of furniture that need some love, get a book on upholstery and give it a go or try decoupage, the art of wallpapering furniture. Imagine opening an older style wardrobe and finding some modern, bright funky wallpaper inside. Now that’s fun! 

If art is not your medium, then what not watch while other people create?


Take a Virtual Tour

Take an online tour. Now with many museums and art galleries closed, lots of exhibitions have been taken online. So, you can peruse through the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, or walk through the ruins at the Acropolis of Athens, led by guides who know every inch of the paintings and monuments on display and won’t ask for a tip at the end.

Art, not your thing? Visit the Great Barrier Reef with Readers’ Digest and their specialist 360-degree online tour. You can’t visit the reef without the online version of the Blue Planet by David Attenborough. You will weep at the amount of plastic in our oceans, but you will also marvel at whales and dolphins. Each episode is available free of charge.

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How about a visit to the Titanic, the giant cruise ship that sank in 1912, not interested in fish food then how about Machu Picchu, Peru? 

This world heritage site is one of the most visited tourist destinations to date, but now you can visit it from the comfort of your armchair. The 360-degree views of ruins and lush green landscape can be seen with educational commentary and unusual facts.

Join an Online Community

If you love food, this is where all you cooks come into their own, whether it’s an apple pie or a caramel fudge cake an online community shares tips and photos of the products on Instagram.

Some local supper clubs feed the community, local groups talk to regional groups, and the call goes out for whatever is needed. Cakes, biscuits and bread baked for those who are struggling, and it is a wonderful thing to share food that might otherwise go to waste. 

Cooking not for you? Don’t worry there are lots of choices whether it’s online chess or Candy Crush or even some gaming, Call of Duty or GTA, how about jigsawing? There’s a community waiting for you to join in.

You can have fun, stay busy and learn something along the way, you might even make new friends. You never know you might find you have gained a completely different view on life.


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