Sweating Too Much? You Might Have Hyperhidrosis!

Sweating Too Much? You Might Have Hyperhidrosis!

Sweating is secreting fluids from the skin of the body through small tubular glands situated under and within the skin. It is a normal process of discharging liquids by tiny openings. But in some people, the intensity of the discharge can be higher. Sometimes, people sweat when there is a temperature change, but many people sweat more even in a normal climate. If you have excessive sweating, get treated in Dermadry. Here are some of the signs that indicate you have hyperhidrosis.

The signs 

Do you know the signs behind excessive sweating? Many signs indicating you are facing this issue are: 

  •       Bead on your forehead and cheeks
  •       Dripping down your hands and your socks are wet.
  •       Pool around your back or under your arms
  •       Inflammation and itching due to sweating
  •       Discoloration and paleness of the skin
  •       The appearance of wrinkles, cracks, etc. 
  •       Leaving noticeable marks on the skin

About focal hyperhidrosis

It is a chronic skin disorder that happens when you inherit the sweating issue from your family. It results in changes in the genes and is known as primary hyperhidrosis, and people sweat to a great extent. It affects your hands, head, armpits, and feet. 

About generalized hyperhidrosis

It happens due to medical problems, like Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, etc., and due to that, it causes sweating. Also, it can be due to the intake of some particular medicines and known as secondary hyperhidrosis. 

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What are the reasons behind excessive sweating?

The reasons behind excessive sweating are emotional stress, spinal cord injury, certain foods and odors, such as coffee, spices, etc., humidity, heat, and exercise, dysautonomia, bacterial and fungal infections, abscesses, drug overdose, myelofibrosis, metabolic diseases, menopause, etc.

What body parts does hyperhidrosis affect?

The areas affected by hyperhidrosis are the armpits, lower back, genitals, forehead, cheeks, bottoms or soles of your feet, palms of your hands, etc. You can sweat from other body parts as well, but mainly you experience from here. With that, your body starts sticking, and you feel uncomfortable to sit for a longer time. It’s time to get rid of hyperhidrosis by opting for Iontophoresis

What is Iontophoresis? 

It is a treatment through which electric currents are transmitted to your body that helps you to get rid of excessive sweating. It is a drug and needle-free procedure, so you will not have any scars on your skin. The treatment is also used to recover from sports injuries. It is a quick-home and cost-effective treatment. Most importantly, there are no side effects of the treatment giving you another reason to opt for it. The device is also easy to use, so it will not be at all difficult for you to use. A treatment of 15 minutes will keep your body dry for six weeks. 

In the end

Now that you have known the reasons for excessive sweating, in case you encounter such issues, get in touch with the experts. Iontophoresis is the best way you can get rid of your excessive sweating. 

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