Can You Use Calamine Lotion On Dogs

Can You Use Calamine Lotion On Dogs

One of the most popular skin saviours is calamine lotion. When we suffer any minor skin problems, we immediately go for it. Dog owners may think that calamine lotion is as great for dogs as it is for us. So can you use calamine lotion on dogs?

It is better not to use calamine lotion on dogs. Use dog lotion instead. But if you run out of your dog’s lotion, calamine lotion can do the job, but only for one time. Using it frequently will ruin your dog’s skin. Let’s have more discussion about it.

What Is Calamine Lotion?

Calamine lotion is an OTC (over-the-counter) medication for topical use. You can treat your skin problems, like dryness, sunburn, itching, rashes, etc., with calamine lotion.

In this lotion, you will find four key ingredients. They are ferric oxide, phenol, calcium hydroxide, and zinc oxide.

Ferric oxide and zinc oxide act as protective layers in calamine lotion. Besides, calcium hydroxide makes the lotion mild with a cooling effect, and phenol does the job of an antiseptic.

What Does Calamine Lotion Do?

In terms of treating skin issues, calamine lotion is a boon. Its antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties help make the skin look youthful and heal it.

We humans like using a calamine lotion to treat eczema, mild acne, itching, sunburn, insect bites, etc. The best part about this lotion is that it creates a barrier on the skin, which helps protect it.

Can You Use Calamine Lotion On Dogs

Since calamine lotion comes with great responsibilities, it is better to consult with a dermatologist before applying it.

Can You Use Calamine Lotion On Dogs?

Calamine lotion is a human product. All its ingredients are formulated based on human skin. However, ferric oxide and zinc oxide act as the dominating agents in a calamine lotion. These two ingredients are not toxic.

Applying it to your dog sometimes won’t leave any side effects. However, the risk arises when your dog tries to ingest the calamine lotion. This can lead to vomiting, sickness, diarrhoea, and other stomach issues.

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It is better not to use calamine lotion on your dog if it remains curious all the time. A curious dog tries to lick all products that are beside or with it. Also, calamine lotion is not safe for your pooch if he has any allergies.

Can You Use Calamine Lotion On Dogs

Since the calamine lotion does wonders for skin problems, you may think of applying it over your dog’s wounds. Please don’t do that unless your vet recommends it. Because wounds are delicate, a lotion may not be right to treat them.

Risks Of Using Calamine Lotion On Dogs?

Everything in this world has merits and drawbacks, and calamine lotion is no exception. Let’s see what this lotion can do for the hard basket.

Irritation On The Skin

We know calamine lotion treats irritation. But its improper use can lead to more irritation. If you apply this lotion every day, your dog will feel more and more irritated every day. Unless there are any minor skin problems with your dog, you shouldn’t use this lotion.

Hypersensitive Reaction

Dogs do not have skin carriers like humans. Using human products on dogs for a long time can cause allergies, especially if the dog already has allergies.

Bacterial Infection

Your dog will have bacterial infections if you apply the calamine lotion to his open wounds.

Interfere With The Treatment

Suppose your canine friend is going through treatment. Maybe you are applying an ointment to him every day. Meanwhile, if you use the calamine lotion on your dog, it may not get any benefits from the ointment.

Alternatives Of Calamine Lotion For Dogs

Your vet may not suggest you use calamine lotion on yourself. Also, using it shouldn’t be the first choice for your dog. Don’t worry; some alternatives can be helpful.

Homemade Paste

One of the best homemade remedies to treat skin problems is a paste of baking soda or oatmeal. This can be a harmless alternative to treating minor skin issues in your dog instead of using calamine lotion.


Hydrocortisone is an anti-inflammatory ointment used to treat mild allergies. You can also use it to cure your dog’s skin irritation and minor inflammation.


CBD oil is another boon for solving skin problems. Thanks to its moisturising effects and pain-relieving properties.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is an antibacterial and antioxidant compound that is best for wound healing. Also, it will keep your dog’s skin smooth.

Raw Honey

Since ancient times, raw honey has been a healing compound for wounds and burns. If you want a safer option to treat your dog’s skin, use raw honey on it.

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Chamomile Tea

For itchiness and sores on your dog, you can use chamomile tea as well. Dip a cloth in this tea and press it on the affected areas.

When Can You Use Calamine Lotion On Dogs?

Calamine lotion is one of the most beneficial OTC medications for human skin. But you must think twice before using it on your canine friend.

Well, using calamine lotion when you have to may not lead to severe problems. Your dog may get a soothing, cooling, and anti-itching effect from it.

You can prioritise using calamine lotion on your dog if you haven’t used any human products on him for a long time. After you use this lotion, make sure you do not use any human products on your dog for a month.

You can also use the calamine lotion if your vet says to. Don’t forget to tell him about your dog’s history too.

What Happens If Your Dog Ingests Calamine Lotion?

The main reason for forbidding using calming lotion on dogs is that they lick products applied to them. Since this lotion contains zinc oxide, ingesting it can be dangerous for dogs.

The topical use of calamine lotion won’t be as much of a problem as eating it will be. However, your dog may go through lethargy, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, vomiting, anorexia, fever, dehydration, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can You Use Calamine Lotion On Dogs?

How do you soothe a dog’s irritated skin?

You can rub some coconut oil on your dog’s skin to soothe irritation. Also, chamomile and oatmeal-based shampoos do a great job for the dog’s skin. If needed, ask your vet for extra care.

What lotion is safe for dogs?

Here are some amazing lotions below that you can reach out for treating your dog’s skin.

  • Burt’s Bees All-Natural Lotion
  • ResQ Organics Pet Skin Treatment
  • Paw Nectar Dog Paw Balm
  • Vets Preferred Paw Balm
  • Natural Dog Company Snout Soother

What does calamine lotion do for dogs?

Calamine lotion can help soothe a dog’s irritated skin. But using it frequently can be harmful to it, as calamine lotion is a human product, not a dog product.

Final Thoughts

If you are still contemplating whether can you use calamine lotion on dogs, the answer is yes if it is for one time. Do not make the mistake of applying this lotion to your dog now and then.

To stay on the safe side, use a collar for your pooch so that he can’t lick the lotion. Because ingesting the zinc in this lotion can lead to more problems than you can imagine.

Whether it is a calamine lotion or a random ointment, do not apply a product without the vet’s consultation.

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