Mass building: the Best Steroids to Include Your Cutting Stack

When people hear the word ‘steroids’, many of them think of enhanced muscle growth and faster bulking. Only a few people stop to acknowledge that steroids can actually be helpful in burning fats. Well, such steroids exist and they can be used accordingly in burning fats while keeping the muscle gains made so far intact.

Critically considering the various steroids in the market today, there might not be pure fat loss steroids. Is this a contradiction? Not at all; here is the truth. Most of the available steroids in the market help in building muscle mass even as they assist in burning fats. For some of these steroids, their fat burning abilities guarantee the best results. We will take a closer look at some of them.


It is considered the most effective steroid in the cutting stack. Essentially, it helps in preserving one’s lean mass. The enhanced metabolism resulting from its effects will enable you to burn fat quickly as you progress with your daily workouts. In addition, Trenbolone is effective in helping users work out for long. In the past, people have also recorded quick recovery from intense workout sessions. Appropriate intake of Trenbolone heightens the creation of IGF-1 in the body, a critical component in the repair of ligaments and muscle tendons.

When using this steroid, one should strictly adhere to the instructions because it is associated with stronger side effects compared to other steroids. Many of the people who use this steroid are bodybuilders and professional athletes. For beginners, you might want to consider other anabolic steroids for sale besides Trenbolone.


Women are always encouraged to be very careful in their choice of steroids. Some steroids are known to cause undesirable muscle mass increase in women. Anavar, on the other hand, is considered a much safer fat burning option. This steroid is free from common male-specific effects, making it safe for women. The general side effects associated with it are less strong as well. In your stack, you can use it alongside testosterone. In addition to fat burning, this steroid also comes handy in loss of water weight, a critical aspect of the cutting cycle. You will also find it very useful when it comes to building strength in the gym.


If staying lean while burning fat is your greatest concern, then this steroid is for you. Clenbuterol is great in boosting your metabolism, thereby enhancing the fat burning process. This lean fat burning steroid ensures your muscle mass remains steady even as it strives to shed off unwanted fat in your body. This ensures your gains remain intact. You will be more alert and awake, therefore optimising your workout sessions. Although its side effects are minimal, you must watch out for possible insomnia and regulate your dosage appropriately in case that happens.

Irrespective of the steroid you include in your stack, you need to be careful with your choice. It is recommended that you carry out an extensive research before settling on one. Just in case you were forgetting, fat burning steroids do not work on their own; you must also have a workout routine and follow it strictly.


James Anderson is a fitness trainer with more than ten years of experience. He has helped many people, among them celebrities, stay in perfect shape. For inquiries on where to get the best anabolic steroids for sale, visit his site.

What Is Involved In Root Canal?

If you have ever experienced toothache you will know how valuable a good dentist really is. Many toothaches are fairly simply to resolve but sometimes you will hear those dreaded words ‘root canal’.

For some reason this always conjures up images of intense pain; despite the fact that the toothache is already extremely painful! Fortunately, there is a way to get past this image. You need to understand what root canal is and how your dentist can help.

Choosing the right practice means finding a dentist in Bankstown or elsewhere which has a good reputation and has experience of performing root canal surgery.

The Root Canal

The root canal is the central part of your tooth. In fact, this is a natural cavity with a soft area which is referred to as pulp. Also inside this chamber is a nerve; the one responsible for your tooth ache.

In effect, this is a canal pathway from tooth to nerves.

Why Have Root Canal?

When your tooth has become damaged it will start to decay. This usually happens in the centre of the tooth. When your tooth has decayed significantly root canal is the only procedure which can save you from having it extracted.

Root canal is also the best option when you have a seriously infected tooth.

Performing Root Canal Surgery

Root canal is not actually complicated.   Your dentist will need to remove the decay from your tooth in order to access the pulp and the nerve.

Both the pulp and the nerve are important when the tooth is developing, once it is fully formed they serve no purpose other than to relay sensations; such as hot or cold, to the brain.

Because the tooth can remain healthy and function without the pulp or the nerve the dentist will remove these and then seal the opening. This will prevent any infection from getting into the tooth and remove all pain!

The whole process can be completed in just one or two appointments and is virtually painless.

Why Have Root Canal

A badly infected or decaying tooth can be simply extracted. However, by having root canal completed you will be able to save the tooth and provide yourself with several important benefits:

  • Your Chewing will remain efficient and effective; a missing tooth can often lead you to chew food awkwardly.
  • Your teeth maintained their natural appearance. This is particularly important if it is one of your front teeth as they are visible when you smile, eat and even talk. If you get an extraction you may find your confidence suffers as you no longer like to show your teeth.
  • Maintains balance in your mouth. A missing tooth will place strain on your other teeth and can cause them to wear unevenly or too quickly.

Although the idea of root canal may appear scary, in fact the reality is that this is a relatively pain free procedure which is performed thousands of times every year. Well performed root canal will last you a lifetime.

Baby Safety Tips: How to Keep Your Child Safe in the Car

When it comes to mothers and their kids, the bond is unbreakable. Mothers love their kids and will do everything possible to make their kids happy; this includes buying their kids both the necessary things and the not so necessary wants that kids have from time to time. When it comes to buying baby stuff, mothers find themselves overwhelmed by what the market has in store.

Therefore, if you are the kind of mother who would buy every toy in the shop for your kid, then this post is a good read for you. Did you know that there are other baby stuff that you can buy for your kids other than toys? However, whether you are buying a toy, a baby toothbrush, baby toothpaste, baby stroller or baby car seat, the safety of your kids will always be the common denominator.

Well, this post focuses more on keeping your kid (or kids) safe while in the car. Did you know that car accidents are one of the leading reasons why children die around the globe? As a mother (or parent in general), you have to invest in strong car seats for your kids. Whether you are a first time mother or not, you cannot afford not to buy this important equipment for the sake of your kids’ safety.

But considering the fact that there are hundreds of makes and designs of car seats, any new mother would find it challenging when choosing the right car seat for their kids. Fortunately, this post is meant to provide young mothers with tips on how to shop for baby car seats. But first things first, what are the common types of baby car seats today?

  1. Infant baby car seat

An infant car seat is strictly designed for infants. It is the best car seat for your baby right from birth up until he/she is two years old. Infant car seats are specifically designed to be installed in your car in the rear facing position. Actually, they are not designed to be turned around to a forward facing position.

The most eye catching feature about infant car seats is the fact that they can double up as a baby carrier. You will be able to comfortably carry your baby out of the car to the house or anywhere else.

But as much as this type of car seats are meant to cater for your child for up to twenty four months, some kids will outgrow the seat faster, forcing you to switch to a different type of car seat.

  1. Convertible baby car seats

Just like infant car seats, convertible car seats can also be used from birth until your child outgrows the car seat. Good news is, convertible car seats can accommodate your baby for more than two years. This is practically getting more use out of your investment.

Unlike the infant car seats, the convertibles can be used in both forward-facing and rear-facing positions. However, ensure that your child is at least two years old before you can put them in a forward facing position.

  1. Booster baby car seats

This type of baby car seats, just like their name suggests, are designed to boost your toddler’s sitting position and comfort. The booster car seats are strictly designed for babies who are old enough for a forward-facing sitting position.

The most exciting benefit of booster car seats is the fact that they come with a minimum weight requirement of 30pounds and can take up to 80 pounds safely(but of course depending on the model you select).

Now that you have the knowledge of the different types of car seats, be sure to use this tips to make your shopping experience an easy one.

  • Consider your overall budget

Car seats are available for any budget; all you have to do is find one that suits you. For instance, convertible car seats are perfect for you if you are willing to spend a good deal of money. However, if you can’t afford a brand new seat for your little angel, a second-hand would also serve you. Good news is, with a second-hand car seat, you won't have to spend as much.

Therefore, before shopping for one, you have to have an idea of how much you will be able to shell out without straining your finances.

  • Check the seat’s ease of use

According to baby experts like, you have to buy toddler car seats that you can remove and put back in the car without a problem. Imagine if your child gets a fever and you have to rush them to the pediatrics’ (God forbid) but you don’t know how to install your baby car seat?

Therefore, when buying a car seat, choose one that you can install with ease and also remove with ease when need be. As a matter of fact, convenience should be one top factor that you should consider.

  • Consider the age of the baby

As mentioned above, there are different types of bay car seats. Therefore, as a mother, you should buy a car seat that is right for the age of your child. But although there are car sears that are made for toddlers, if you have the money, you can invest in a convertible baby car seat. This car seat is designed to support your child right from birth until they outgrow it and that means that they will be old enough to wear a seat belt.

  • Check if the seat straps are adjustable

To ensure that the car seat firmly holds your child, you have to be attentive about the straps. Pay attention to the smallest of details when choosing the straps. Ensure that they are easy to adjust because your baby will grow. The best seats are those that have alteration handles in the back of the seat. Nowadays, there is also a demand for seats that have a pull cord between the baby's legs because you don’t have to rethread the straps.

4 Tips for Maintaining Your Weight While Getting Through Nursing School

You have to study, pay all of your bills, talk with family and keep tabs on your friends while working on your nursing degree. Your family might be proud of you and your grades may reflect all of your efforts, but your health profile might deteriorate while trying to keep a good balance. That’s because going to college for an MSN online is very challenging. You might not go out and have fun as often, or stop getting up and exercising in the morning because you have to look over your notes before leaving for your commute to work. Alternatively, your health can suffer while attending nursing school because you’re focusing on helping your friends and family to achieve their fitness goals. Here are four guaranteed methods for staying healthy while going to school that any nursing student can follow.

1. Snack More But Eat Less

People aren’t really supposed to just eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’re actually supposed to be eating five to six small yet hearty portions a day to stave off hunger and keep a continuous flow of fuel going into your body. Those looking to get their online master nursing degree will have days that they never step from away the computer more than 10 minutes at a time. You still need the proper caloric intake to keep your weight from fluctuating and also to supply your brain with energy for studying.

2. Take Breaks To Get Your Blood Flowing

When you study or work hard, you push your brain to the maximum, which is actually quite good for you. What’s also good is to take breaks that will help you to give yourself time to reboot, physically and mentally. If you’ve been sitting down for a while and keeping your mind stimulated, then you should start getting your muscles moving in an effort to improve your health. Exercising during your study breaks will keep your body from feeling sore and tired and you’ll also give your mind a healthy way to feel recharged.

3. Get Yearly Physical Medical Exams

Don’t neglect to go to your doctor just because you have a busy exam schedule. You need to have your vital signs checked and get a physical examination to ensure that every part of your body is working as it should be. Talk to your doctor about the stresses of getting through nursing school so that you get information on how to meet your educational demands while still keeping your body working properly.

4. Set Healthy Goals

If you know that becoming a nurse is a major goal then you will also agree that you have to stay in excellent shape. Set goals that you know are healthy and stick to them and your dream of becoming a registered nurse will come true. Every goal that you set for yourself has to be healthy and realistic.

Whether you only have months until you get your nursing degree or you just registered in the fall, you have to stay healthy if you’re going to have the best and longest career possible. Treat yourself as you would a patient and be honest with yourself about staying healthy. If you’re doing everything right then you should be proud of yourself, but even if major changes have to be made you should still have pride in your accomplishments.

Are You Overtraining? How to Know and What to Do About It

With a dream in mind about how to achieve fitness goals, most people find themselves in the trap of overtraining.  According to an experienced fitness trainer, overtraining can yield poor results even when using reliable steroides en Musclesfax. However, not many people are aware of the prevalence of overtraining until things start going against their expectations. So how does one know they are overtraining, and what can they do about it? This article will highlight helpful insights for you.

Abnormal Resting Heart Rate

Wearing a heart monitor is not a training fashion. They help in determining the heart rate before, during training and after the session. Normally, all the three rates should read different figures with a minor difference. However, the problem comes if the resting heart rate is abnormal. This sign should not be ignored as it shows that the body metabolism as gone far too high due to the high-intensity training demands.

The best solution is to take breaks in high-intensity training or alternate it with low-intensity training.

Endless Muscle Soreness

It is a no-brainer that muscle soreness is normal the following day after high-intensity training. However, it should not go beyond the second day if the workouts are normal. If they do, then this is a great sign that you have done too much.

Any expert will recommend a rest from the workouts and to only resume when the body has finished repairing all the damaged muscles cells. It can take a day or two. Further, it is crucial to have a long-term training schedule rather than repeating the same problem of overtraining.


One of the greatest challenges with most workout beginners is overthinking. They tend to have many plans in mind particularly those related to what they want to achieve in fitness. Further, such people are always making plans on what to do the following day regarding exercises.

Taking it easy is the most important solution when it comes to dealing with such a problem. Overthinking is a major sign that you are overtraining and adding too many plans to the training schedule. If it persists, one can hire a fitness consultant to offer the best guidance on fitness matters.


Exercises are supposed to improve one’s sleep. However, if the contrary is the case, then exhaustion, strain to the nervous system and soreness of muscles are causing insomnia in your body. According to experts, failure to get sleep from 10 pm to 2 am is not healthy at all for workout enthusiasts.

To encourage muscle mass growth, you need to rest and sleep more. Therefore, it is good to encourage sleep by all healthy means. It is further stressed that taking a break from overtraining will help to induce sleep.

Personality Change

Overtraining will most likely result in being aggressive, lead to depression or any other unusual trait for different people. This occurs when one cannot focus and the nervous system is strained by overtraining. If ignored, it can lead to a break down of the body or other adverse effects.

The best recommendation is to take an immediate break and address the training schedule when you resume the training session. Consulting an expert will help to arrange the workouts well including their durations.

5 Tips To Remove Blood Without A Trace

Have you ever wondered how to clean blood without leaving a trace? Blood is the most difficult substances to clean out of fabrics and other porous materials. Another thing to consider is the fact that once the visible effects of the blood have been removed, it does not mean that all traces of blood have been removed. When it comes to blood, normal cleaning practices are simply not going to be enough.

4 Things You Need To Know To Clean Blood

5 Tips To Remove Blood Without A Trace container

You are going to have to ask the right questions: How long has the bloodstain been in this particular spot? Blood that been allowed to sit for any length of time is going to be much more difficult to remove than fresh blood. How much blood has been spilled? Large puddles of blood are quite dangerous and much more difficult for an individual to blood cleanup. On what type of surface was the blood spilled on? Typically, if blood has been spilled on carpets and furniture, the chance of getting them cleaned is next to impossible and they will usually have to be disposed of.

  1. Protection Is Important.  Blood has the ability to carry diseases such as hepatitis and HIV, so it is essential that one has the proper protective equipment such as goggles and gloves while cleaning up the spill.
  2. No Need For Bleach. Despite what you may have heard, bleach is ineffective in fully removing all traces of blood and can cause serious skin and eye irritation. In addition, it can also ruin rugs and furniture during the cleaning process.
  3. Clean Then Sanitize. Cleaning and sanitizing are not the same thing when considering blood. Cleaning simply removes the top layer from the surface, whereas sanitizing rids the entire surface of any microorganisms. While a surface may be cleaned it does not mean that it has been properly sanitized to remove harmful biological material.
  4. Some Spills Require Assistance. If you have a spill that is larger than a typical dinner plate, it is time to call a professional bioremediation  for assistance.

Why You Must Remove All Traces Of Blood

5 Tips To Remove Blood Without A Trace crew

Anyone who has ever had to deal with a suicide, homicide, or other traumatic event understands the amount of blood that can be left behind. It is essential that all traces of that scene be removed for a variety of reasons.

  • Emotional Reasons. No one ever wants a constant reminder of a loved one that has been lost in a home or workplace. The removal of the blood is one of the first steps of recovery.
  • When one is exposed to someone else's blood they are at risk of being exposed to bloodborne pathogens such as HIV and hepatitis. If the blood is not sanitized properly, the bacteria that has been left behind has the possibility of creating odors as well as the possibility of infection and sickness.
  • Property Value. When a lot of blood has been spilled in a residence or business and it has swept into carpet or furniture it will cause a significant decrease in the value of the property.

Author Bio

  • 5 Tips To Remove Blood Without A Trace guest author bio

Stephanie is a PhD graduate in Biology. Aside from being passionate about providing care to those who need it, she also loves sharing her knowledge about health care through writing in some blogs.

The Brightest New Medical Tech

Just like many other things in the world, technology is transforming the tools that help us to stay healthy, influencing everything from scanning technology to creating precision engineered health supplements.

So, what are these technologies that are flourishing? What benefit will they have to you, and what's coming next? Hopefully this article can shed some light on some of the very best medical technologies coming to your doors soon, and some that might be a bit further away.

Titanium Technology - The Future

The sturdy metal has long found use in a range of industries. You might be familiar with titanium tubing as part of your furniture at home, or as components in your car; and you'd be correct in thinking that titanium tubes are used extensively for medical applications, where their naturally sterile nature - easily cleaned - and durability are great for taking on heavy loads and for general versatility.

Titanium oxides, too - most commonly found in paint - have found cutting-edge use in recent years by forming membranes for artificial implants. An incredibly high-tech development made this year, that is definitely one for the future. has been found in titanium gas sensing nanotechnology. These have been found to be much more accurate with detecting various gases than the technology we have today. For you, that means better detectors at home, and quicker diagnostics if you have inhaled something you shouldn't have.

Prosthetic Organs - Sooner Than You Think

Incredibly, scientists have gone one further than the relatively (emphasis on the relatively!) straightforward function that devices such as pacemakers and prosthetic limbs perform. In response to the rising diabetes epidemic, engineers have produced a functioning prosthetic pancreas that's set to hit the markets very soon. The organ, which can regulate your insulin levels to assist your diabetes, is being hailed as a revolution in diabetes care.

Smart Sleep Aids - The Now

Anxiety and depression are a big problem globally and one of the worst knock-on effects of this is sleep deprivation. With a grown adult needing, on average, 7-8 hours of sleep a night, the effects of not getting enough are pronounced and can often be anxiety-like, causing symptoms in those without an anxiety diagnosis and exacerbating the symptoms of those with it. Long term, some scientists have found that a lack of sleep is as damaging as anything else.

New technology has rallied to try and help us in this endeavour. At the 2017 CES Unveiled, a big technology gig, one company unveiled a smart sleep breathing wristband geared towards picking up your natural breathing patterns and helping you to integrate that into finding a peaceful night's sleep.

Human health has, obviously, always been an intrinsic part of life, an absolute necessity. So, apart from straight-up money making opportunities, technology has always sought to produce new and exciting medical tech. As the trend continues, so will what's on offer, and what's above is just a taste of what's to come.

Best Yoga Exercises – Way to effective Brain

Today most of us are dealing with a hectic and stressful life. Having a healthy body along with the healthy mind is very important to cope up with such a hectic lifestyle. To become successful in life, it is quite essential that you have a good concentration power. But how can you achieve that?

Well! By doing yoga exercises for the brain, it is very easy to get concentrated on your goals without any problem of distraction. Lots of people make excuses to skip exercise. But if you avoid it then, you might indulge in severe health problems shortly.

To get better results with the brain yoga exercise, you have to live a healthy lifestyle also. A healthy lifestyle includes the following two important things:

  • Yoga (Exercise)

Yoga or any exercise comprises the physical and mental activity which helps in strengthening your mind and the body. It also includes specific brain exercises that are safe for any age group person.

  • Diet (Nourishment)

No yoga or exercise will yield fruitful results until you eat well. You must eat only those things which provide essential nutrients to your body. Food also plays a vital role in providing you a healthy mind and body. Starving yourself is never a good solution to any health problem.

What is Brain Yoga Exercise?

Most of you must be wondering that what the brain yoga exercise is?

Well! The brain yoga exercise allows you to get rid of the stress as well as the other emotional, mental state that you might be having. All the yoga poses for the brain are simple to perform without moving any body parts. You can do them while sitting on a chair or any corner of your home.

However, in case of severe stress, you can go for the over the counter pills as per the doctor’s recommendations.

Best Effective Brain Yoga Exercises

The below are the few best effective brain yoga exercises that you can perform on your own. But remember the effective outcome is only possible if you do all the yoga poses in right way. So, let's have a look at them!

1.     Lotus Pose


Lotus pose a thoughtful yoga pose that yields more fruitful results when you it in the morning time. It is not mandatory to have an empty stomach during this pose. You should stay in this position for at least 1 to 5 minutes. It eases your mind and provides peace to your brain. Besides this, it stretches your knees and ankles, and also helps in improving the posture of your body. It mainly stimulates the chakras inside the body.

2.     Diamond Pose

white outfit yoga


Diamond Pose benefits in making you as strong as the diamond. It was done on the knees along with some breathing exercise. Dissimilar to other yoga exercises, Diamond Pose should be performed only after consuming your meal for around 5 to 10 minutes. This yoga exercise makes your body relaxed and upsurges the circulation of blood in your body.

3.     Half Spinal Twist Pose


This yoga pose has done with various variations. You can practice it in the early morning time with the empty stomach after emptying your bowels. You can also do it after your meal with the time gap of 4 to 6 hours. It is essential that you hold this pose for around 40 to 60 seconds to fetch good results. This brain yoga pose increases the oxygen's supply to our lungs and also purifies the internal organs of our body.

4.     Seated Forward Bend

orange shirt yoga


It is a comfortable pose to do in which your body gets the good amount of stretch. It mainly concentrates on the back. You have to do it empty stomach by holding the pose for at least 40 to 60 seconds. The main benefit of the exercise is that it makes you relive from the mild stress or depression. People were suffering from a headache and fatigues also get aided from this yoga pose quickly.

5.     Plow Pose

blue shirt yoga


It is an incredible brain yoga exercise that finds the concealed skills of your body. As you know that plow is an agricultural tool and this pose also represents it. You may practice it empty stomach for at least holding it 30 to 60 seconds during practice. The advantage of this exercise is that reduces the overall stress of your body and also calms your brain.

6.     Peacock Pose

blue outfit yoga


This yoga pose is similar to the peacock that walks around with the feathers down. It is a challenging exercise to do but with some regular practice; you can excel in it. It helps in detoxifying your body and also improves the body posture. You will surely feel the improvement in your concentration after doing this pose. You will have a better coordination of your mind and the body with it.

7.     Headstand

grey pants white top yoga


It is also known as the monarch of all the yoga exercises. In this pose, your whole body will upturn for around 1 to five minutes period. It instantaneously calms your body and also cures the health problems like asthma and digestion.

Wrap it up!

We hope that now you know that which yoga exercises you can do for having an active brain. All the above-discussed yoga brain poses not only helps in keeping your mind super active but also improves your overall fitness.

We know that it is not an easy thing to take out time from our busy and hectic schedule these days. But if you are concerned about your body then, no excuses shall be made. For doing yoga, you do not have to go out of your home comfort at all. You can do them quickly at your home without any fitness equipment. You might check some online videos or research about them on the internet before beginning.

If you find any of the above yoga pose difficult then, consult some professional trainer. We want that whatever exercise you do, it should give out effective and fruitful results in the end.

Thanks for reading and keep exploring our website for more useful articles!

10 Foods Your Dentist Will Not Let You Eat

So, we all know that candy and other sugary snacks are not good for our teeth and gums. As sweet and enticing as these foods may be, they have the ability to wreak havoc on our teeth. But, what about all the other different types of food we eat? Why is it possible for someone to get cavities even after avoiding sweet sugary treats? Well, what many people do not know is that there are certain foods that we eat that are equally destructive to our teeth.

With that said, here are 10 foods your dentist will not let you eat:

1. Diet Soda

It is easy to assume that diet soda is not so bad for your teeth because it has less sugar than regular soda. However, this is not the case. Diet soda may have less sugar but it still has a very high acid content. Acid, like sugar, is a tooth eating substance that your family dentist will not want anywhere near your pearly whites.

2. Meat

Yes – meat is one of the foods that your dentist will not let you eat. Why? Two reasons. The first is that meat gets stuck in between your teeth more than any other food. The second reason is that some meat products are preserved using sugar which we all know is bad for teeth. The solution? Stay away from meat or make sure to brush and floss properly after eating meat.

3. Salad Dressing

So salad dressing - and not the actual salad - is bad for your teeth. While salads are key components of most healthy meals, the dressings on these foods can be detrimental to your teeth because they are made using vinegar and sugar to enhance flavor.

4. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is very sticky and has a high sugar content. Its sticky nature makes it easier for bacteria to adhere to your teeth while its high sugar content ensures the bacteria are well fed. It is best to avoid peanut butter or look for natural ones that do not have added sugars.

5. Jelly or Jam

Just like peanut butter, jelly or jam is also quite sticky and loaded with sugar. Jellies and jams are made from fruits which have natural sugars that promote growth of bacteria and plaque. Again, your dentist will advise you not to consume foods with high amount of sugar.

6. Popcorn

Popcorn is an awesome snack for watching movies but it is not the best snack for your teeth. Popcorn gets stuck in between your teeth quite easily. The leftover pieces cultivate bacteria if you do not rinse your mouth and floss properly after eating this delicious snack. Your dentist advises that you keep away from popcorn if you will not remember to take care of your teeth afterwards.

7. Bread

Almost all breads contain sugar – but processed, white breads are notorious for having high amounts of added sugars and sweeteners which are obviously bad for your teeth. When buying bread, always ensure to check labels for added sugars and sweeteners.

8. Pickled Vegetables

Pickled vegetables are stored in brine which is made using vinegar, which is acidic. Foods with high acidity can easily damage your teeth if you are not careful.

9. White Coffee

White coffee or coffee with cream is not good for your teeth. If you must take a cup of coffee, it is advisable that you opt for black coffee instead as it has lower sugar content than white coffee.

10. Lemonade

Lemonade or lemon with water is a drink that you will want to stay away from if you want your teeth to last. Lemonade or lemon juice is highly acid and if it must be taken, it should be taken together with meals in order to neutralize the high acidity.

About the Author:

Lylene likes to think of herself as an adventurous creature. She strives to maintain a balance and healthy lifestyle. She also likes nature tripping and adventure hikes. 

How to get bigger calves

When it comes to parts of our anatomies that are notoriously difficult to add muscle mass, size, and definition to, it has to be said that for most people, their calves cause them some extremely big problems.

Unless you have been blessed with genetically great calves, in order for you to really increase their size and bring them up to par with the rest of your body, you are really going to have to focus on them and do all that you can to build them up.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, when he was competing, was often criticized in the early stages of his career, for having small and weak looking calves, especially when they were compared with the rest of his body. Most bodybuilders with small calves, feel sorry for themselves and neglect them, choosing instead, to focus on trying to make the rest of their bodies, even bigger, so that it hopefully distracts people’s eyes away from their calves.

Arnold, however, did quite the opposite, and instead focused much of his time and energy, on working his calves even harder than ever before. A year or so later, the next time he stepped on stage, his calves, and indeed the rest of his legs, looked absolutely phenomenal. If you’re looking to get bigger calves, obviously this isn’t going to happen by itself overnight, as it is something that you need to take control of yourself. If your calves are lacking and you want to do something about that, take a look at the following tips and tricks on how to get bigger calves, and before you know it, you’ll have a set of calves that look like two ham joints!

Give them their own day – In the infamous words of Millhouse, in one particular episode of The Simpsons, the calves are one of the most difficult parts of the body to add mass to.

As the calves are so difficult to bring up, you will need to pay extra attention to them and really push them to their limits. The problem with the calves, is that, when most people train legs, they will simply finish their workouts off with a quick set or two of calf raises to failure, and that will be that for calf training. In order for the calves to grow, however, you are going to have to treat them like you would any other body part that you are trying to bring up, and give them their very own training day dedicated solely to them. Instead of finishing off leg training with a set or two of calf raises, you should instead set aside a training day dedicated solely to your calves. There are many different calf training exercises that you can perform, so familiarize yourself with them, and then create a calf training schedule. Obviously it doesn’t have to be crazy, but make sure you include several different exercises made up of several different sets, and always train to failure.

High reps to failure – As mentioned on this blog, when training calves, you should always train to failure because you will be looking to really fatigue the muscle and maximize its time under tension.

Studies have found that leg training, especially calf training, is most beneficial when you perform high reps to failure, which will mean choosing a moderate weight and simply increasing the reps you perform. Instead of 8 – 10 reps, for example, aim for 15 – 20 reps and don’t stop until your muscle really is fatigued and that what most of fitness models and bodybuilders does.

Make sure you stretch them – This is true both before training, and indeed during training the calves as well. Before you begin calf training, make sure you stretch them because you want to ensure that they don’t cramp up and that they aren’t susceptible to being pulled or torn.

As well as that, for anybody wondering how to get bigger calves, stretching at the bottom of the lift, by executing a full range of motion, is another sure-fire way of really getting the most out of your training. With calf raises for example, you really want the muscle to contract, so make sure you raise your heel fully off the ground or platform, and hold the contraction for a second or two.

Train them regularly – As well as giving the calves their own dedicated training day, another way of helping to bring them up and allowing you to get bigger calves, is to train them as regularly as you like.

For example, after training chest, before you head home from the gym, grab the calf raise machine and bust out 4 sets of 15 – 20 reps of calf raises. Repeat this, or a similar exercise, the next day, and the next, and so on. It is virtually impossible to over train the calves due to a lack of exercise variation, so go crazy and train them as frequently as you like.

Switch from light to heavy – Whilst it is agreed that high rep training is the best for bringing up the calves, after a while, you will plateau and you will find it much tougher to add muscle mass to them, which is why you should think about changing from a lightweight, to a heavier weight which incorporates less reps.

This type of training is ideal as it will keep the calves guessing and it will help stimulate an increase in muscle tissue growth and repair. You could even alternate between workouts, so perhaps, one workout could be light weight and high reps, whereas the next one could be a heavier weight and lower rep workout instead.

Be consistent – Finally, the last thing you need to remember when it comes to how to get bigger calves, is to always be consistent. Always train them regularly, and, once you do see improvements, don’t take this as an excuse to only train them with one exercise for leg day. Sure, you can take a step back slightly, but make sure you continue to train them regularly and intensely.