17 Cleaning Secrets From Housekeepers

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Cleaning is very important in every home. However, it needs to be done properly using the right techniques. If you want to do proper cleaning in your home you can even decide to hire a professional. Some of the people who know how to do proper cleaning are housekeepers. Here are 17 cleaning secrets from housekeepers.

  1. Prepare in advance

While planning to do cleaning it is always advisable to prepare well in advance. This is to ensure all the things you will need for the cleaning are in place. The level of preparation mainly depends on the magnitude of cleaning where if your house is big you need to prepare more. If you need the help from steam cleaning companies, they can always help to lessen the load and make your housekeeping more manageable with or without a housekeeper.

  1. Get the amenities you will need

There are certain things which will be needed to clean different parts of the home. These include things such as brushes, cleaning clothes, water, detergents and even vacuum cleaners amongst others. If you need the cleaning to go smoothly you should ensure all these things are in place prior to starting.

  1. Start with the areas that are furthest

If you are cleaning several rooms it is important to start with the rooms which are furthest. If it is just a single room one should start with the areas that are furthest from the door. This is to avoid putting back dirt on the areas that have already been cleaned.

  1. Open the windows and doors

By opening the windows and doors one allows more air to get into the house while cleaning. This allows the clean house to dry faster and as a result the house or the room can be used a short time after cleaning.

  1. Remove the things that need a lot of water

To avoid pouring a lot of water inside the house it is advisable to remove the things that might require a lot of water. Such things such as the carpet and some types of furniture can be taken outside the house so that they can be cleaned properly without pouring a lot of water inside the house.

  1. Move furniture carefully
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While cleaning there are certain areas where you will need to move the furniture and other appliances such as cleaning under the sofa. It is advisable to move such items carefully so that they do not get damaged.

  1. Start from the upper sections

The cleaning might involve cleaning even the walls and sometimes the ceiling. It is advisable to start with the highest parts of the house prior to going to the sections which are relatively lower. This is because the water or substance that will be used to clean will eventually get into the floor and if the floor is already clean then it will need to be cleaned again.

  1. Sweep prior to cleaning

Sweeping removes some of the relatively big debris that might be in the house. If such debris is removed the cleaning will be easier and it will take lesser time.

  1. Cover the things that might get damaged

There are things such as electronics which might get damaged in case they get water and other washing substances. Consequently it is advisable to cover such things while cleaning so that they do not get damaged while doing the washing.

  1. Get a good vacuum cleaner

Currently there are modern vacuum cleaners some of which are even operated remotely and they can even get under the furniture. Investing in such a vacuum cleaner will save a lot of time which would have been used moving the furniture.

  1. Evacuate the building

It is also important that people who are not participating in the cleaning are outside the house. However, to make the cleaning more enjoyable one can involve more people including the kids. All what one needs is to ensure the kids do not come into contact with the cleaning substances that might be harmful.

  1. Do the cleaning regularly

If you stay for a long time without cleaning the house it will be harder to do the cleaning when you eventually decide to clean. The dirt will have accumulated and this will make the work harder and therefore it is advisable to keep on doing the cleaning regularly.

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  1. Avoid cleaning in a hurry

For the cleaning to be effective it is always advisable to take time. The entire process can even take a number of days so that every section of the home can be cleaned effectively.

  1. Get help if necessary

Some cleaning tasks might be harder for one to complete alone. One should get another person or other people to help in the cleaning. This is paramount especially while there is heavy furniture that needs to be moved.

  1. Ensure even the exterior is cleaned

When only the interior is cleaned the house will not look as beautiful and comfortable as it should. The dirt on the inside might even get inside the house. Consequently, it is advisable to take time to clean both the outside and the inside of the house.

  1. Have a plan to dispose the dirt

There are some things which will require being disposed properly after cleaning. Such things should not be left just like that without being disposed properly. They might cause harm to the environment and to the people who might come into contact with them.

  1. Give the house time to dry up

Since the clean house will take time to dry it is always paramount to give it time to dry. The importance of this is to ensure no dirt gets back into the house. One can just stay outside for a few hours to let the house dry properly. Therefore, by following the outlined 17 cleaning secrets from housekeepers you can be able to clean your house effectively and in a simple manner.

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