How to Sleep Well When You Have Body Ache at Night

How to Sleep Well When You Have Body Ache at Night

The chances of getting a good night’s rest diminish significantly when your body aches. An aching body equals lack of sleep which often leads to depression, anxiety and other health complications in the long-term. Over the years, scientists have been trying to understand the relationship between sleep and body aches. Which of the two affects the other?

Does more aching lead to less sleep or is it the opposite? Either way, it’s evident that while aching, chances of sleeping through the night short of any disruptions will be impossible without taking the necessary precautions.

Initially, I was of the opinion that with any form of body ache, getting some good sleep would be impossible. This is of course not true and a misconception that many of us hold. We ought to take advantage of resources at our disposal to avoid such. With some little bit of research and consultation with specialists, we can find solutions to our problems. When we take the right measures, we can enjoy our sleep even while experiencing body ache.

Find the Appropriate Sleeping Position

Depending on which part of your body aches, try finding the most appropriate sleeping position. I found that a wrong sleeping position worsened the ache and made it difficult for me to sleep. Take an example of experiencing a right shoulder pain, putting any pressure on that side while sleeping was likely to increase the pain. Therefore, the sleeping position that we take should help relieve some of the pain. For instance, with back pain, sleeping facing the side (“fetal position”) or upwards (the “soldier position”) relaxes the muscles and relieves any aches.

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Find the Most Suitable Mattress for You

Yes, the type of mattress we use has a direct impact on body aches. We all have at some point made the mistake of picking out a mattress that wasn’t suitable for our needs. We may prefer the mattress because of the price or its appearance, but this is wrong. While picking out a mattress, it’s advisable to pick one that will help with alleviating some of the pain and corresponds to our sleeping position. can help you with finding the appropriate mattress for reducing some of the pain.

Use Pillow Support

How to Sleep Well When You Have Body Ache at Night

Pillow support is necessary for helping our muscles relax. Depending on the sleeping position and the pressure points, use pillow support to relieve some of the pain. From my experience as a side sleeper, I found that placing the pillow between my knees helped ease some of the pressure on my hips and back. This was especially helpful for the back pain. With the right pillow size and its proper placement, it will reduce the aching thus giving you some good rest.

Take the Recommended Medication

Once in a while, pain-relieving medication will be good for body ache affecting your sleep. However, this isn’t a solution for chronic pain. It’s advisable to see a specialist who can help you with working out the issue. And of course, only take medication according to the recommended dosage.

Cut Down On Your Day Activities

In some cases, it’s the activities that we engage in during the day that cause body aches. When we take our bodies beyond their limits, it blows back on us and often severely. Just as machines have a maximum operating capacity, so do our bodies. Cut back a bit on the activities if this is the cause of your aches.

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Taking the right steps will help alleviate some of the body aches and help us get a good night rest. With pain, we find that sleeping can be challenging, but not anymore. The above measures can help you combat the issue with ease.

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