Health Tips Geared Towards Men

Health Tips Geared Towards Men

Are you a man continually looking to stay in top prime physical condition and looking to avoid the stresses of your ever-demanding environment? It can be difficult to make it as a strong-willed and confident man these days. Media tells men to be sensitive, submissive, and caring: which are all great things. However, the image of the manly man is simply being replaced by the physically shredded man and not necessarily the healthy and balanced man.

As health and balanced men, optimal health is more than just a look and more of an overall lifestyle. In order to maintain a lifestyle that optimizes hormones and gives you the energy and stamina you need, there is a list of tips that are geared to both sexes, but even more specifically for men. This list of tips can help to strengthen and harmonize man in the ever revolving quest to maintain optimal health and fitness. Here is the list:

1. Eat more greens (veggies) in general

In general, eating more nutrient-dense green plant foods will serve a man well in the quest for physical excellence. That is because fruits and veggies in general pack more nutrients per calories than any other type of food group on the planet. The fiber present can keep one full for hours on minimal calories and help with digestion and the shape of the hear for men. Eat your greens to see what I mean!

2. Sleep more often

Sleep is not always at the top of everyone’s list for the best health possible; but if you are looking for the equivalent to non-prescription Viagra, then getting the right amount of sleep may be just what the doctor ordered for you. Did you know that individuals who get 8 hours of sleep or so each night show improvement in appetite regulation, keeping fat off of their bodies, and keeping their hormone levels (testosterone included) optimized?  Getting the right amount of sleep can make or break an intense diet and workout plan and be the factor that pushes one over the edge to success.

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3. Stay more lean in general

Getting your weight under control, your gut under wraps, and your bodily composition in order in general can take away the risk of diabetes and heart complications that can arise later in life due to a surplus amount of visceral fat in the body. If you want to stay lean and mean, do the above two (eat your greens and get your sleep) and workout enough (see below) to create a caloric maintenance in the worst case and a caloric deficit in the best-case to lose the gut and get yourself cut. Those who maintain weight tend to live longer and maximize their levels of energy.

4. Workout more often without over-doing it

If you want to maintain your weight, optimize your hormone levels, and build your muscle mass, then doing the above three are extremely important in general. However, the final missing ingredient is to get the exercise needed to both shed the unwanted fat and also build the muscle mass needed to keep the metabolism regulated and strong. Workout by doing cardio a few times a week to burn fat and by doing weight training at least 4 times per week to build the muscle and metabolize the fat. In addition, any little amount of activity you can do in your daily activity (such as walk longer distances and take the stairs) can help in keeping yourself more active and fit.


If you are a man looking to stay in top condition and you are not doing the four aforementioned tips above, good luck in getting there! As the stresses of the environment increase and as the image of the modern male becomes a higher and higher standard, you will want to to take care to eat right, train right, sleep right, and keep your body right in order to be in optimal condition. Take these health tips geared toward men and begin working on the best version of you that you can be.

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