4 Creative Ways to Make a Medical Practice More Exciting

4 Creative Ways to Make a Medical Practice More Exciting

Operating a medical practice isn’t exactly the easiest job, and once you’ve reached the common goal of staying busy all the time, things only become more of a hassle. In a way, there’s a bit of a catch-22 involved – you want your practice to be extremely busy, but when you do finally achieve that level of business, the ongoing burden is usually anything but enjoyable. Fortunately, with the right processes and a bit of creativity, you can turn a hectic hassle into stress-free workdays for yourself and your staff. With that said, here are four specific things you can do to make life at the practice more exciting all around.

1. Build an Enthusiastic Yet Experienced Team

A medical practice is only as good as the people behind it, and that saying rings true not only in terms of quality but also with regard to the enjoyability of the workplace. You don’t want to be stuck with bad attitudes and dirty looks all day, and neutrality isn’t much better because nobody wants consistently lackluster performances and straight faces from their employees. It’s hard to get excited about something as straightforward as medical claims processing when you’re still in the learning curve, so choosing experienced, self-motivated helpers with good attitudes is a must.

2. Implement Job-Sharing and Group Productivity

Doing things by yourself is never as much fun as doing it in collaboration with a team member. Although some tasks are better segregated for the sake of productivity, in many cases, assigning a team produces better results and makes the entire process more engaging. Furthermore, having multiple people working together typically decreases the likelihood of mistakes and inaccuracies. Utilizing teamwork not only gets things done faster; it also adds an extra social component to the practice.

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3. Hold Weekly Staff Meetings and Monthly Parties

A job is always more fun when you know the people you work with, so it’s good to take some time at the end of each week and month to have conferences and office parties. During the weekly meetings, you can discuss with your staff more of the business side, while the monthly gatherings could be more laid back social events.

4. Spice Up the Waiting Room

Apart from keeping staff engaged, it’s also nice to give your patients and guests something to do while they’re in the waiting room. Most waiting rooms already have magazines available, so try taking it a step further with a TV, fish tank, artwork, games, puzzles, and any other interesting pastimes you can think of.

Encourage Humor and Happiness

Even the plainest practice in the world can be an exciting place if it’s being run by humorous and happy people. Thus, as the leader of a medical practice, it’s good to encourage smiles and humor, as much as appropriate. Striking a tasteful balance between serious and silly is the best way to not only enjoy yourself more but also to make your practice more appealing and likable in general.

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