6 Principles of Functional Medicine That You Need to Know

6 Principles of Functional Medicine That You Need to Know

Functional medicine is known to be an effective method when it comes to treating patients, especially the ones suffering from chronic health conditions. A few principles define this type of medicine. These include:

  • The approach is tailored to different individuals

Functional medicine does not work on the belief that one size fits all. The plan is applied to different patients individually. Just because say two patients have the same disease does not mean that a similar functional treatment would be sufficient for both of them.

For this reason and also because each patient has health circumstances that are unique, functional medicine shines to restore the health and function of the body of individuals.

  • Functional medicine is personalised

This system views all people as individuals even if they have a similar health condition. Okay, the disease might be the same but what has caused it? It could be because of different toxic and environmental exposures, different lifestyles and several underlying factors that may lead to poor health.

The system does not mainly major on the symptoms of a particular disease but primarily focuses on identifying the underlying causes of the symptoms. The whole individual is taken into account to determine a unique approach that would enable an individual to regain full body function.

  • It is based on science

Functional medicine is entirely steeped in science. The subject is fully explored when assessing aspects such as energy reserves, metabolic functions of the body hormone variations and the psychological health of an individual.

Science is used to show that a chronic health attack in the body is not just one malfunction, but rather a problem that has affected the functionality of other networks in the system.

  • The human body is a self-regulating system
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You might be having the belief that your body is programmed to suffer from diseases and dysfunctions. Well, that is not the case. You see, your body is brilliant and can heal itself with the use of active edge Columbus chiropractors to address the imbalances in the body. Your body needs to be provided with what it needs for it to do its job.

  • It mainly focuses on the ‘why’ 

Standard systems of medication would concentrate on slowing down the symptoms of a disease and probably dealing with the damage that has been done to the body. On the other hand, functional medicine focuses its attention on finding the causes of the body imbalances that are brought about by the symptoms that you have instead of focusing on treating a certain symptom.

  • You are not limited to one option of treatment

Functional medicine employs the use of several advanced holistic and conventional methods of treatment to prevent diseases and to stop chronic conditions from advancing further. It is not a matter of you having to decide to go with only one option since functional medicine applies all its useful options to create a conducive environment in your body to enhance the healing process.

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