What to Pack for a Long Distance Cycling Adventure

What to Pack for a Long Distance Cycling Adventure

Although it seems like summer is quite a while away, it’s never too early to start gathering your gear for that cycling adventure you have planned for the summer break. This year, you may be bikepacking the Appalachian trail or simply heading down the coast of California or Florida. In any case, you will need specific gear for a long haul and it’s never too soon to start collecting what you’ll need. Here are some tips on what to pack for your summer cycling adventure.

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Start with a Good Quality Bike

Before even thinking about what to pack, you had better make sure you have a good quality bike built for such a journey. You don’t want a speed bike, but you may want a trail bike, depending on whether or not you will be doing any off-road biking. If you’re hitting the trails, that’s essential. Have you checked out Brompton folding bikes? These are amazing for a cycling adventure because you can fold them when necessary to continue on foot if need be. Don’t forget to include a good bag made for that particular brand because Brompton accessories are designed with a folding bike in mind.

Shoulder Strap Water Bottle/Mobile Phone Carrier

Don’t forget just how important it is to stay hydrated on that cycling tour and this is why you really should invest in a good shoulder strap water bottle carrier. Find one that also has a place for your mobile phone and you’re good to go. Some have windows where you can put a solar charger for your phone, but if not, just remember to place the phone away from where water isn’t likely to do damage to the phone.

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Lightweight Emergency Blanket

No matter what part of the world you are going to be cycling through, the one thing you can never count on is the weather. Although meteorologists have come a very long way in recent years and can forecast almost down to the hour, one delay on the road could have a major impact on climatological conditions and that’s why you should carry a lightweight emergency blanket that can also double as shelter from an onslaught of wind and rain.

One Change of Clothes Is Sufficient

Remember, you aren’t going on a plane, train or bus where you can easily pack extra luggage. You have to carry all that stuff and if you go overboard packing, it will probably be too much to handle. Typically, one extra set of clothing is sufficient because you can always stop and launder the outfit you are wearing, even in a stream or lake! An extra pair of shoes is a must.

First Aid and Food

Finally, while you can’t cart along heavy tins of food, you can bring snacks that weigh next to nothing. Don’t forget a small first aid kit, complete with an EpiPen, in case you get bitten by something that might set off an extreme allergic reaction.

If you plan your adventure well, you can time stops along the way to replenish food and water, so make sure to plot your course and go over it prior to setting out. Keep your weight as light as possible and don’t forget to leave a copy of your route with a close friend or family member. Have fun and stay safe!

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