How to Replace a Broken or Damaged Trolley Handle

Replace a Broken or Damaged Trolley Handle

Sometimes, a luggage handle just needs to be fixed.

It could be that the telescopic handle doesn’t deploy, or it has been stuck in the open position. While other times, the handle is not coming up all the way or is partially non-functional.

However, this is not the case for when the handle is partially or completely broken. This situation has happened to almost everyone who travels a lot at one point or the other. Most of us have decided to toss the luggage because of that.

You don’t need to throw your luggage away, should you find yourself in the same situation. Here’s what you can do instead:

Appraise the Situation

Check to see that what you are about to embark on is worth it and that it is the best option too.

For one, ensure you will be better off with a complete replacement of the handle and not just a simple DIY repair. On the other hand, you want to see if the damage is not so big so that replacing the handle won’t even be worth it.

If the rest of the suitcase is still in good condition, though, you should proceed with the replacement.

Remove the Old Handle

This is a tricky part, mainly because of the different ways handles are being built into suitcases today.

While some are designed to be placed on the exterior, others are fused into the build of the suitcase. Likewise, you could have a suitcase with handles fastened with either rivets or screws.

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Units that come with screws make things easier for us all. With a suitable screwdriver, you can always get the handles to come off pretty quickly. Note that the screw system on old suitcase models is a little tougher to access so that you should consider buying a new suitcase.

For the rivets, don’t try replacing the handles without a drill. Instead, it would be better for you to bring the suitcase to a professional for repairs – or simply get a new one.

Get Replacement Handles

Get Replacement Handles

Now that we have the old handle out of the way, here’s when we need to prepare the replacements.

You can usually contact your manufacturer to ask for a replacement handle to be sent to you, but that doesn’t always pan out. Thankfully, suitcase handles are one of the generic parts of the entire build. This means you can usually swap out the old handle for a replacement part from another manufacturer.

When choosing the new one, make sure it is:

· Sturdy

· Made of quality materials

· Comes with the same fastening model as the old model (screws or rivets)

· Takes the same dimension as the old one.

A favorite in-house pick for us is the Sunsen Fashionable Trolley Handle. You can check it out for when you need to make a replacement.

Fasten the Replacement

Put the new handle in place and fasten it. Try it out to see if fits well and doesn’t wobble too. After completing this step, your suitcase will look as good as new.

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