How can daily meet-ups with your close friends relieve you from stress and anxiety?

We are in an ultramodern technologically advanced world where everything moves so fast around us. We are always in a hurry to reach some destination and goal. You are so submerged in the pursuit of monetary status that we often fail to appreciate our journey in our life. We often feel anxious about what to come or what will happen in the future. There is no shame in accepting that fact. Our modern world has made us pawns to its rat race. We are being victimized. It is effortless to fall under the grasp of stress and anxiety about the future. It is so damn hard to get appreciated in this world. Whatever you may achieve, it may seem as usual. If you are reasonable, you are usually blown to oblivion by people. So, everyone is in a haunted hurry to do some extraordinary in this life. While chasing that illusion, we often give in to the pangs of devilish stress and anxiety.

What is the remedy? 

So, what should you do? If you want to live in this world, you should be in that race. If you do not want to be blown into oblivion, you should try to do some extraordinary. So, what is that magic potion that can relieve us from stress and anxiety even if we are in this horrifying rat race? Here comes the role of having a reunion with a supporting and cozy core friend group. So, let’s see how having a daily meet-up can help us with our stress and anxiety.

  •      Helps in having a positive outlet of frustration:

Everybody is busy with their daily routine. Someone is still studying. Someone is doing a job. Someone is running a business. There may be many duties or responsibilities in your family. But with every responsibility comes with some unspoken frustrations. These frustrations may be linked to your workplace, your family, or your spouse, or only your career. You cannot repress those frustrations for long. You have to find some outlet to channelize those frustrations. But if all your friends can gather to place daily and have a meet-up, have some informal conversation where you can pour your heart out, then remember that it is your safe place. Everyone has a casual conversation about their workplace or family or career. They can reflect on their thoughts with the refreshing breeze of loving friendship. So, venting out those repressed frustration, stress, and anxiety in your close friend circle can have a significant effect on your mental and psychological health.

  •      Friends are not judgmental:
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The most soothing and refreshing thing about having meet-ups with your friend group is that they will hear out your thoughts, frustration, stress, and anxiety without being judgmental. Yes, that is an essential factor in today’s world. A single person’s judgmental tone can easily demotivate us or lead us to a path of anxiety and depression. Unluckily our whole earth is filled with so many awful people who continuously judge our achievements onto their personalized scale of success. They instantly categorize us as underachieved. That is why having a friend group where you can share your thoughts, reflections, opinions, everything without being judged is essential. They are your friends. They will hear you out with love and care. They know you. They will not decide you based on your single misdoing or opinion. But other people might do. So, it would help if you had heart-warming meet-ups with your friends to have that non-judgmental conversation.

  •      They will tease you irrespective of your emotional condition:

You might frown upon the fact how can someone tease you even when you are in heart-wrenching mental health? Or you might find it ridiculous about how teasing your friend can alleviate your mental health. But trust me; if your friend group is filled with your best friends who can only think of your well-being, then he/she will try his/her best to cheer you up. They will tease you. They may pull your legs or may call names. They will do so to the point that you cannot ignore them. No matter how much you try to sink in your thought or try to surround yourself with a solemn barrier of seriousness, they will break that boundary and will try to make you smile. It may make you angry with them. But trust me; it will at least sway your mind away from your anxiety and stress.

  •      Promotes healthy socialization:

Yes, the leading cause of feeling stressed and anxious in today’s world is that we have cramped up our daily routine to such an extent that we hardly find time to meet our friends. Therefore, we feel so lonely in our everyday life. There is no one to talk to. There is no one in this world to turn to in the moment of crisis. We have a thousand friends in our virtual world, but not a single friend to talk to in real life. So, if you have a core group of friends, then you are so lucky. Meeting up your friends and having those heartfelt meet-ups are the seeds of socialization. In turn, it is a proven fact that active socialization can relieve a person from his mental stress and anxiety.

  •      They will always be by your side

Yes, last but not least, no matter what happens with your life, real friends will always stick to your team. Are you feeling low? Not feeling well enough to meet your friend? Do not worry. They will bring those meet-ups to your place. Once you are in your friend group, in those ridiculous informal conversations, it will make your mind off your stress and anxiety. When you feel that the whole world is crumbling around you, you are alone in this vast unknown. Having your friends by your side is a blessing. Only then can you understand how having those meet-ups have lifted you from your misery.

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So, don’t waste any time. If you are blessed with an actual real-life friend circle, get up, meet them, and engage in face to face conversation. Try to make it a habit. Secure a slot in your daily routine to have meet-ups with your friends. Trust me, and it will make your life much healthier.


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