Great Tips and Advice to Help You Lower Invisalign Replacement Costs

Invisalign replacement costs

Are you unhappy with the way that your teeth look right now for one reason or another? You can change that by checking out your Invisalign treatment options.

Invisalign clear aligners can help you straighten your teeth in no time. They’ll improve the appearance of your teeth by leaps and bounds and allow you to maintain your teeth better from now on.

Getting Invisalign isn’t cheap, though. It costs around $5,000 on average—and that doesn’t include any Invisalign replacement costs that might pop up along the way.

If you ever misplace or damage one of your aligners, you’re going to have to pay to replace it. And that could cost you anywhere from about $100 to several hundred dollars in some cases.

That being said, there are some ways to save on Invisalign replacement costs if you ever lose or break one of your aligners. Learn about them below.

Try Not to Lose or Break Your Invisalign Aligners

First things first: If you’re going to start wearing Invisalign aligners sometime soon, make sure you’re committed to doing it. Talk to your orthodontist about the different Invisalign treatment options that are available and find the one that works best for you.

Talk to them about Invisalign maintenance tips as well so that you’re prepared to care for your aligners. You want to ensure that you know what you’re doing when it comes to cleaning them and taking good care of your teeth.

By doing this, you should be able to avoid taking your Invisalign aligners out and losing them or breaking them when you’re trying to clean them. This will prevent you from having to pay the Invisalign replacement costs that often come along with losing or breaking aligners.

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First Invisalign Replacements May Be Covered

As we mentioned earlier, signing up to take part in Invisalign treatment plans isn’t necessarily going to be cheap. You’re usually going to spend well over $5,000 for your Invisalign aligners and the treatments that go along with them.

As part of this price, you should be entitled to at least one set of Invisalign replacements throughout the length of your treatment period. Most orthodontists offer this since they know that it’s unrealistic to think that someone is going to wear Invisalign aligners for an extended period of time and not lose or break them.

Speak with your orthodontist about whether or not your initial Invisalign replacement costs will be covered under your current treatment plan. If they are, it’ll make you a little less concerned about the possibility of paying Invisalign replacement costs.

Set Money Aside Every Month for Possible Replacement Costs

If you talk to your orthodontist and find that Invisalign replacements aren’t covered under your treatment plan or if you use up your one-time Invisalign replacements and know your next replacements won’t be covered, you should create a sinking fund for replacements.

A sinking fund is money that you set aside for the purpose of paying off some kind of debt later on down the line. You can put a sinking fund into place by vowing to put aside, say, $25 every month for 6 months and earmarking it for Invisalign replacement costs.

In a perfect world, you won’t have to use this money for Invisalign replacements. But in the event that you lose or break your Invisalign aligners, it’ll be nice to have it hanging around. You won’t feel like you’re losing a bunch of money unexpectedly.

Follow Your Treatment Plan

How long does Invisalign take?” is a question you should ask your orthodontist early on in the Invisalign treatment process. The answer to this question is almost always, “It depends,” based on the condition of your teeth.

But generally speaking, it takes about 12 to 18 months for the Invisalign process to play out. It’s all based on how crooked your teeth are and, maybe more importantly, how good you are about following your Invisalign treatment plan.

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By sticking to the plan that you and your orthodontist come up with and wearing your Invisalign aligners for 20 hours a day or more, you can cut down on how long you have to wear them overall. This can reduce your chances of losing your aligners and prevent you from paying more than you have to on Invisalign.

Contact Your Orthodontist Right Away If You Ever Lose or Break an Invisalign Aligner

If you ever lose or break an Invisalign aligner, you might be tempted to put off calling your orthodontist about it. You’ll be worried about what it’s going to cost to. It’s why you might not let your orthodontist know you’ve lost or broken an aligner until your next appointment.

You should not take this approach to dealing with a missing or broken aligner. If you don’t wear an aligner for an extended period of time, it can result in your teeth going back to the way they were and force you to pay the price for it.

You’ll be better off contacting your orthodontist immediately to let them know you’ve lost or broken an aligner. It’ll help keep your Invisalign replacement costs down in the long run.

Don’t Let Invisalign Replacement Costs Keep You Down

Not sure if you can cover the Invisalign replacement costs from the beginning? You might want to look into other discount orthodontic options. There are lots of options out there for those interested in trying to straighten their teeth.

But if you have your mind made up and want to use Invisalign, be prepared to shoulder the Invisalign replacement costs, if necessary. By using the tips found here, you can stop these costs from taking a big toll on you and your finances in the future. You can also make the most of having Invisalign in the first place.

Want to find out more about Invisalign and discover if it’s the right option for you? Read the articles on our blog to gather more information.

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