Can CoQ10 Detox the Liver?

Can CoQ10 Detox the Liver?

The liver is the primary filtration system in the body. It works hard to convert toxins in the body into waste. It is also involved in the metabolism of certain nutrients. Therefore, frequent liver detox is vital to keep the liver healthy for the overall health of the body. In recent years, lots of mixtures and supplements have been promoted for liver detox. The flooding of the Internet with numerous information has led to the promotion of myths as facts. In this article, we will separate the facts from the myths when it comes to liver cleansing and will show some of the best foods and supplements for full body cleanse.

Myth 1: Liver detox should be done after overindulging in alcohol or fried foods

Several liver cleansing packages often claim their daily intake can optimize liver health. In some instances, they tell you that it is important to take them immediately after overindulging in alcohol or fried foods. Unfortunately, this false hope often emboldens an unhealthy lifestyle. While some of the contents of these package like milk thistle have proven benefits in liver health, there is still a lack of adequate tests on humans to prove that these supplements can protect the body from damage resulting from overindulging in injurious substances.

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Myth 2: Liver detox can help you to lose weight

In many cases, liver cleanses are also promoted to help in weight loss. They are taunted as a natural, safer, and healthier way to lose weight. However, it is important to note that some dietary supplements can cause drug-induced liver injury. Therefore, it is always important to use dietary supplements with caution. Also, there are insufficient studies to prove that liver detox can help in weight loss.

Myth 3: Liver detox will reverse existing liver damage

Hepatitis A, B, and C, alcoholic liver diseases, and nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases are some of the common liver diseases. They all cause considerable damage to the liver. Some supplements are taunted as having the potential to correct the damage to the liver caused by any of these diseases. Well, as of now, there is insufficient data to prove that. Nevertheless, there are proven treatments that are currently available to deal with some of these diseases.

Myth 4: Liver disease cannot be prevented but can be cured

This is another outrageous statement that you will often hear particularly among people that are trying to justify their reckless lifestyle. However, there are lots of preventive steps that can protect you from liver disease. Some of the measures that will protect your liver from damage include:

  •         Avoid excessive intake of alcohol
  •         Maintain a healthy body mass index (normal range is 18 to 25)
  •         Practice protective sex to avoid contracting viral hepatitis
  •         Desist from the use of illicit drugs
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Myth 5: There is no link between obesity and liver disease

Your risk of developing the nonalcoholic fatty liver disease increases significantly with obesity. Excess accumulation of fat in the liver can lead to cirrhosis and fibrosis. In fact, there is currently a rise in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease as a result of the increasing prevalence of obesity.

Can CoQ10 detox the liver?

CoQ10 supplements have proven health benefits including the ability to help in the regeneration of the liver. CoQ10 also possess anti-adipogenic factor which can regulate nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)—although the mechanism of action is still unclear. Therefore, when CoQ10 supplement is combined with lifestyle changes, it can help the liver to heal from any damages it has sustained.


The best care for the liver remains minimal consumption of potentially harmful substances. Bear in mind that liver detox alone is not enough when it comes to maintaining a healthy liver. The best detox approach comes with lifestyle changes including exercising and eating a balanced diet. 

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