Five Benefits of Sports Physiotherapy

Five Benefits of Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is fantastic for many conditions, individuals and different lifestyles! Whether you’re a professional athlete, a sports enthusiast or you just like to get out there and lead an active life, sports physiotherapy will likely be right for you. If you’re on the fence about booking in with your friendly local sports physio, consult these five benefits that you can expect to see…

Enhanced Physical Condition and Overall Strength

You want your body to always be in the best condition possible, and physiotherapy is a great way to assure this. A professional sports physio will work with you to refine, strengthen and condition your physical form. Strength and conditioning are huge aspects of your performance, whether you’re a pro or more of a part time sports junkie, you’ll need to work on these outside of your practice. Sports physiotherapy utilises a multitude of different techniques to develop your strength and endurance, this might include strength training, Pilates and muscle conditioning.

Improved Relaxation and Restoration

Your rest periods are just as important as your training, and so many athletes learn this when it’s too late. Your physio will aid you with the best means of relaxation and restoration, resulting in better performance when your body is in go mode. Proper restoration is essential, and a professional will be able to give you customised training and advice for how you should relax your muscles and your mind. This might include stretching, breathing, dry needling and pillow fit alterations to ensure that your sleep is sound.

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Muscle and Joint Flexibility

Muscle and joint flexibility can be just as important as strength, and learning how to stretch properly is a vital part of any active lifestyle, professional or otherwise. Your particular area of expertise is going to determine just how much your physio will want to focus on your flexibility, but stretches and warm downs really are integral parts of any kind of exercise. You’ll undergo in-studio and take home stretching exercises, Pilates and remedial massages to help improve flexibility and condition your muscles as well as your joints. The skills that you learn in your sessions will stay with you for life.

Prevent Future Injuries

Physiotherapy is just as much about prevention as it is about cure, meaning that you’ll be correcting your form and working your body in a manner that protects you from potential future injuries that could creep up down the line. Correct form, custom warm ups and cool downs, proper stretching exercises and improved muscle and joint strength will all contribute to minimise injury risk.

Treat Existing Injuries

A sports physiotherapist is an ideal resource for when you’ve undergone an injury. Treatment can be incredibly targeted or more general to look at the cause instead of the effect. Methods will usually vary on a case by case basis, but you can expect your physio to use a combination of remedial massage, ultrasound, dry needling, heat and ice therapy and stretching to target tension and heal your form.

Are you ready to improve your overall performance and physical condition with Evoker or any accredited and experienced sports physiotherapist? Start looking into practices to begin your journey today. Keep in mind that sports physio can work for anyone, it’s not just for the pros!

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