Why You Should Start Adding Terpenes to Cannabis Products

Cannabis Products

Terpenes are naturally found in cannabis, but you can add more of them to many products. A few drops of terpenes can improve your cannabis’ flavor and potential health benefits.

So, why should you start adding terpenes to weed?

Terpenes Add Aroma and Flavor

Terpenes compounds are full of aromatics that make them aromatic and flavorful. Depending on the characteristics you want, one of the following terpenes might help:

●      α-Pinene has herbal, piney, cool and fresh notes

●      β-Pinene has piney, spicy, woody and hay notes

●      α-Bisabolol has fruity, nutty and coconut notes

●      α-Humulene has bitter, floral, woody and pepper notes

●      β-Caryophyllene has dry, spicy, woody and clove notes

●      (+)-Limonene has sweet citrus notes

●      Linalool has floral, woody and rose notes

●      Mycene has herbaceous, woody and celery notes

●      Terpinolene has sweet lemon peel notes

Adding any of these can help infuse a less-than-stellar cannabis product with more flavor, or they can be used to alter a cannabis product’s inherent flavor. In some cases, users add terpenes to further accentuate flavors.

Just remember to add only a small amount of terpenes, and too little is better than too much. These concentrations are extremely powerful. If you’re not sure, do some research on how to add terpenes to cannabis products.

Terpenes Have Potential Health Benefits

Research into the potential health benefits is growing, and there already are suggestions that the compounds could have health benefits. Specific potential benefits are associated with particular terpenoids:

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●      α-Bisabolol may be an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

●      β-Caryophyllene may be an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial

●      α-Pinene may increase alertness and possibly memory (less established)

●      β-Pinene is may be a bronchodilator and an anti-inflammatory

●      α-Humulene may be an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

●      (+)-Limonene may relieve stress and improve mood

●      Terpinolene may be an antibacterial and antifungal

Most of the research performed thus far has examined individual terpenoids’ benefits. How potential benefits interact with one another is largely unknown.

Enhance Your Cannabis Products With Terpenes

Terpenes can improve almost any cannabis product, and they provide specific benefits for many popular products. Consider adding them to:

●      Beverage: Terpenes can easily be added to beverages and vape juice. Simply put a couple of drops in your chosen beverage, and wait a minute while they dissipate (or stir if you’re impatient).

●      Concentrates: Terpenes can be matched to a concentrate’s strain and improve the strain. This is especially useful if a concentrate doesn’t showcase the strain’s supposed traits well.

●      Distillate: Distillate products lose many of their naturally occurring terpenes during the boiling process that’s needed to create these products. Adding terpenes post-processing can reinfuse the distillate with flavorful and beneficial aromatics that were lost.

●      Flower (Dry Bud): Terpenes may enhance a lower quality flower (e.g. old/stale flower or a less desirable staring), or they can further improve upon a flower’s characteristics.

●      Oils: Terpenes naturally complement oils, and the combination can be particularly helpful when trying to sleep.

●      Shatter: A small amount of terpenes might improve shatter. Base the terpenes amount on the pre-dried weight of the shatter.

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How Terpenes Help Specific Cannabis Products

If you use cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, elevate your experience with terpenes. They’re easy to add and will enhance whatever cannabis product you prefer.

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