Get Beautiful Smiles With Veneers

Smiles With Veneers

Whether it is a man or a woman, a single smile can play the role of that spark that can enlighten the path of soothing relationships. There is a quotation saying “Smile says it all.” Yes, your smile does say how happy and satisfied you are. Smile displays the inner beauty of what we are. You might lie about your pain or happiness but your smile can never. A smile is a reflection of what you feel in your heart. Building up a smile and recreating an extraordinary version of it is what dentists do. How? The prosthodontic and endodontic departments of dentistry provide restoration of what is lost, sometimes with the help of veneers. So let us know the complete details about Smiles With Veneers before and after applications.

veneers before and after

What are Veneers and Smiles With Veneers? 

Veneers are the covering material that is placed on the labial side or the visible side of the teeth. It is gently placed on the tooth or we can say it is bonded to the tooth. A veneer is used for the patients which have an aesthetic appearance due to a broken tooth, stained tooth, tooth having a smaller size than usual or severely abraded tooth. It can be a single unit placement or it can cover the first 8 teeth present in the frontal region. Veneers are best in the sectors of aesthetics. Once they are placed, you will see the difference of using veneers before and after. 


Types of Veneers 


There are only three types of veneers available in the market today. All three of them are explained below: 

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are the most common veneers having the best qualities that you must try. It has some great benefits that you must take on for your teeth. To place Porcelain, the tooth which has been selected undergoes grinding. This means the crown portion of the tooth is reduced for placement. Then the porcelain veneer is pasted to the tooth. 

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Composite Veneers

Composite Veneers are the second type of veneers that are famous in the market. It needs etching of the tooth and then the placement of the veneer is done. The veneer is attached to the tooth with the help of curing.

No-prep Veneers 

No-prep veneers are Lumineers that are considered under the brands of porcelain. It requires no tooth preparation, thus, is called a no-prep veneer. The tooth size is recorded with the help of an impression material or CAD-CAM. Then the veneer according to the size is made.

veneers before and after

Which is the best Veneer for best Smiles With Veneers? 


There are several advantages that porcelain has but the others don’t and vice versa. So let us know which is a better one.

Porcelain Veneers

Talking about porcelain veneers we have the following features recorded:

  • Highly expensive: It is costly because it takes a lot to prepare the tooth for a porcelain veneer placement. 
  • Decreased staining: Once a porcelain veneer is placed, it does not get distorted easily. It does not get stained or loose once you start using it. 
  • Increased tooth preparation: There is increased tooth preparation. This decreases the enamel wearing of the crown, making the tooth more sensitive.
  • Increased visits: The patient has to visit the clinic two or three times for a porcelain veneer placement but veneers before and after their placement make the patient feel that the time invested was worth it. 
  • Long-lasting 

Resin Bonded Veneers

Resin-bonded veneers when placed give the following results:

  • Cost-effective: They are not too expensive like porcelain.
  • Easy Damage: They get damaged easily. They get stained with time and then do not give a good aesthetic appearance.
  • Decreased tooth preparation: The tooth preparation is very low. The tooth has not decreased much when prepared. 
  • Single-visit: It is performed in a single visit. 
  • Decreased Life: It can get distorted earlier when compared to porcelain veneers.
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Preparation Before Placement 

Before giving a veneer placement to the tooth, the condition of the tooth is analysed to check if the tooth is eligible for taking up veneer. It is done by following the below-given steps.

veneers before and after

X-ray – Smiles With Veneers

X-rays like OPG or IOPA are made of the selected teeth. These X-rays help the doctor to acknowledge if the tooth is undergoing any illness. It helps to record the width of the tooth because a certain width is required for the placement of veneers. 

Treatment of underlying disease 

After the x-ray, it is easy to understand the underlying disease as most diseases like a carious tooth, cyst, periodontal damage and many more are confirmed through these X-rays. 


The diseases that are diagnosed are treated first because if the tooth remains untreated, it might cause issues after the veneers are placed. 

Crown Preparation

Crown preparation is performed when the tooth is completely healed. Crown cutting is done to create space for the attachment of the veneer. The tooth size is later recorded. After this, the tooth is etched in composite veneers for the placement of the veneers. 

Why is Veneer better than Crown? 

Veneers are considered better than the crown because the crown placement requires depletion of the enamel layer more than the veneer placement. The crown placement has a higher chance of getting underlying caries, periodontal inflammation and many more. Whereas in porcelain or composite veneers, the chances of getting any underlying disease are less than in crown placement. Also, crown preparation can be aesthetic but not as good as veneers. Veneers provide a natural look without hurting the tooth.


Veneers Before and After

The results given by veneers before and after are amazing. It improves the aesthetic, vanished issues like discolouration, fracture, staining and a lot more. The before and after results have a vast difference.

There are no health hazards of veneers. Go get them now. 

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