How Canes Affect Multiple Health Issues

How Canes Affect Multiple Health Issues

Nowadays we see people of each and every age suffering from the disease may it be acute or chronic , maybe they are suffering due to hereditary problems or due to some accidents, here the accidents may include applying any HIV infected syringe to a healthy person hence infecting him also may be applying it accidentally or maybe knowingly.

Everywhere, we can see only sufferers irrespective of their age, some lose their legs due to an accident some have problems in legs due to aging or osteoporosis. Not only this many people these days are dying of asthma, dengue, malaria etc. this simply means that the immune system of today’s generation is not good enough to combat these disease-causing viruses for a long period of time.

Therefore, in this article, we are now going to discuss various health issues that make a person dependent on some kind of support to provide balance to the body and how to combat them.

Health issues that need a support (canes):

The need for using supports such as canes for walking arises when:

  • Bulging hips and obesity: Many girls prefer wearing heels most of the time they are out for party or office work instead of preferring flats they prefer heels that lead to various problems such as bulging out of hips at an early age. Many people have poor eating habits that lead them to obesity leading to pains in the ankles and requirement of support.
  • Varicose veins: Not only osteoporosis many people also suffer from leg pains due to varicose veins if they are obese or they have to stand for a longer period.
  • Osteoporosis: Many times, we see people of old age having osteoporosis in which the bone loses it strength i.e. the bone density decreases in both males and females.
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In females particularly after menopause due to less production of the hormone, i.e. estrogen in females that protects females against osteoporosis this may often lead to minor to major fractures in both males and females.

Due to this, they are not able to stand properly and maintain their balance due to which they need a constant support for walking that is easy to use and carry along with.

  • Paralytic attacks: In addition, people lose their legs in an accident or if they suffered a paralytic attack then also they need a support to walk and become dependent on someone.
  • Multiple sclerosis: People who are suffering from multiple sclerosis need canes. There is a destruction of a sheath known as myelin, which is present in the central nervous system leading to visual impairment, weakness, sensational loss etc. Therefore, at this time to provide support requirement of canes is there.
  • Cervical/migraine: Wearing heavy backpacks to school or offices and even sitting in a wrong posture may directly affect the spinal cord of an individual and may lead to problems of cervical and migraine. Those suffering from cervical and back problems often affect their spinal cord hence leading to the weakness in the legs also resulting in problems in walking due to which canes support is a must.

What are these canes?

These canes may provide sufferers with a proper balance and support while walking if they are suffering from the aftereffects of the paralytic attack. These canes are available in multiple styles such as:

  • Folding cane: They are easy to fold once the work is over.
  • Quad cane: They are very lightweight
  • Offset cane: It provides proper balance and its strips help maintain grip leaving no chance of accidental dropping.
  • Tucane: It provides proper grip to the users
  • Freedom edition: It is also foldable and hence easy to carry
  • Quadpod offset cane: It is made up of lightweight aluminum and is not easy to break but easy to carry.
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Now, we are going to deal with the wellness measures and how to combat with these problems

Wellness tips for the sufferers if you do not want to become dependent on supports:

  • Those people that are suffering from bulging hips and obesity what they may do is have a control on the food habits such as if they have a habit of eating too much of fast food they may reduce it, also prefer going on morning walks.

As well as those who wear, heels all the time should prefer walking in flats, too else, in the long run, they will not be able to walk properly without canes.

  • Now, those who are suffering from varicose pain they need to undergo an operation in order to reduce the swelling and twisting.
  • Finally, those who are suffering from osteoporosis and paralytic attack need to take more of calcium and proteins in their diets otherwise walking with support such as canes for walking is the ultimate or the last option for them.
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