Gulf Coast Hospital: Health Rumors about Cancer is busted

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When it comes to a dangerous disease like cancer, there are thousands of myths and facts. If you don’t belong to the medical field, you may get fearful of all myths. Rumors around cancer can stress a lot of patients. Thus, Gulf coast hospital is here to debunk all myths and facts surrounding cancer.

Does obesity cause cancer?

Obesity causes cancer
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Obesity means that your body has gained an inflammatory state. Thus, obesity can be the direct or indirect cause of cancer. People who are obese may have chances of being affected by breast cancer, esophageal cancer, gall bladder, bowel, pancreatic, and liver cancer.

Can breast cancer affect only women?

This is a significant myth that you must have heard of. No doubt, breast cancer in men is rare, but breast cancer can also impact men. Breast tissues in men are smaller than in women, but the nature of breast tissues in men is like that of a girl before puberty.

The biggest challenge associated with breast cancer in men is that diagnosis occurs at a later stage. Thus, most men don’t know that they can also have breast cancer. Some of the risk factor associated with breast cancer in men include:

  1. a male relative is suffering from breast cancer
  2. you have a history of radiation exposure in the chest region
  3. If you suffer from enlargement of breasts due to drug use or hormone treatment
  4. If a person suffers from a genetic disease called Klinefelter’s syndrome
  5. A liver disease called Cirrhosis
  6. The disease of testicle known as mumps orchitis
  7. Incidence of testicular injury
  8. Undescended testicles

If you are prone to any of these symptoms or risk factors, contacting Gulf coast regional medical centers can help you get the needed treatment at the right time.

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Can mobile phones cause cancer?

As per Gulf coast medical center doctors, most queries about cancer come from people who think that cell phones can cause cancer. The truth is cell phones emit radiofrequency waves. These rays are not the ionizing types, and they do not cause any direct damage to the body. Thus, there is a shallow risk of cancer caused due to the use of mobile phones.

If anyone is suffering from brain tumors, the use of cell phones should have restrictions. But, there is inadequate proof to verify that cell phone use causes cancer.

What are the chances of breast cancer in young women?

Almost 7% of cancer cases can be found in less than 40 years of age. Delays in diagnosis can be one of the significant reasons for fatality. Most people feel that young women can’t have cancer. Thus, ignorance of warning signs is the primary cause of cancer in young women.

  1. Young women need to pay attention to lumps and unusual discharge.
  2. Lumps and cysts in the breast should be a reason to worry.
  3. A breast cancer diagnosis at a later stage can be more aggressive.
  4. Young women have a higher risk of recurrence of breast cancer.

If you face any signs like discharge or cysts, the Gulf coast regional medical center can help you get the right treatment quickly.

Can a Gulf Coast Hospital biopsy lead to the spread of cancer?

No evidence suggests that biopsy can cause the spread of cancer to other parts of your body. When a tumor is removed to get the test, the reverse happens. This means it will help you get rid of cancer cells instead of causing cancer to spread.

Can the Intake of sugar grow cancer cells?

Eating a few cookies and chocolates won’t lead to growth in cancer cells. But, as per much research, it has been found that cancer cells consume more sugar as compared to normal cells. No evidence shows that sugar consumption will cause cancer to worsen or not eat sugar will disappear. Having cancer doesn’t mean that you need to live a tasteless life.

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You won’t need surgery if the tumor is solid?

Surgery is always needed. Different treatments can cause the tumor to shrink and get smaller in size. But surgery is the only way that can help you get rid of tumors, as per Gulf coast medical center doctors.

Is skin cancer color blind?

No, this is just another myth surrounding cancer. People with fair skin have a greater risk of developing skin cancer than people with darker skin tones. In addition to this, people with blond and red hair, green or blue eyes, and freckled skin are at higher risk of getting infected by cancer.

Does chemotherapy always have a harmful effect?

Lots of awful side effects may be due to chemotherapy. But, recent advancements in technology and medical research have lowered the risk of chemotherapy’s harmful impact. Even if chemotherapy comes up with several adverse effects, it is one of the best ways to eliminate high growth in cancer cells.

Is chemotherapy painful?

Gulf Coast hospital
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Most patients fear chemotherapy as they believe that it is painful. Chemotherapy is not painful at all. The side effects of chemotherapy are infinite, but infusion in the oral form is not painful at all.

Can pregnant women get cancer treatment?

Pregnant women should visit the gulf coast hospital immediately after detecting cancer in their bodies. Early medical care can offer better outcomes for the mother as well as the baby.

Gulf coast hospital suggests the best cancer treatment.

If you or your near and dear ones are suffering from cancer, you don’t need to worry at all. Even if you are fearful, you will be okay after contacting the best doctors at Gulf coast hospital. The hospital has the best team of doctors and surgeons who can help you eliminate all signs and symptoms of cancer. No matter if you have blood cancer or ovarian cancer, contacting Gulf coast medical center doctors will help you get the best solutions.

Don’t pay heed to these myths surrounding cancer. Take care of your health, and you won’t have to face any of these signs and symptoms.

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