Marijuana in Barcelona

Amsterdam and  Barcelona are the  European cities that are the leaders in the consumption of this miracle herb.

It has become commonplace for us to smell marijuana on the streets of Barcelona and answer the question: is cannabis legal in Spain?

Marijuana in Spain is a very sensitive topic. On the one hand, there is no legalization in this country; cannabis consumption is legally prohibited, but in some cases not punishable.

  • You can smoke marijuana at home or in cannabis clubs, but you can be fined up to €600 if you use it in public places.
  • Marijuana can be grown at home, but only for personal use. According to generally accepted standards, this is 2-3 bushes per person. If there is a suspicion that you are growing for distribution purposes, then this is already a criminal offense. An important amendment, you can grow it so that the plants are not visible from the street.
  • Possession of marijuana is legal only on the territory of private property, i.e. at home, in limited quantities commensurate with personal needs. And also on the territory of cannabis clubs. Otherwise, you face a fine of 600 to 10,400 €. But for transportation 3-4 years in prison.
  • It is illegal to buy marijuana, except in a cannabis club of which you are a member.

Now in simple words.

Every resident of Spain has the right to grow a couple of marijuana bushes at home, but not everyone wants to do this and not everyone has the opportunity. 

Therefore, associations appear that are ready to grow grass for you and for you. For example, the Federal Cannabis Association of Spain or Catalonia, which exist today. They also create a set of rules by which cannabis clubs operate across the country. 

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Today there are about 200 cannibus clubs in Barcelona. Finding such a club is not easy, because according to the law, such clubs must be closed, they are not advertised and there is no sign on them. Each member of the club pays an annual fee of about 20€ and can buy no more than 60-90 grams of marijuana per month. The federations considered that such an amount might be acceptable for personal consumption. 

Thus, the associations control the illegal distribution of narcotic substances. You cannot buy cannabis in a club to sell it on the side.

Becoming a member of an official cannabis club is sometimes not so easy. For some clubs, in order to become a member, it is enough to present any document proving your identity and that you are over 18 years old. Others accept only residents of Spain permanently residing in the territory of this country. And still others accept existing members only by invitation and conduct interviews.

The number of club members is limited! Yes, you can be denied membership in any one.

By setting such strict rules and thus controlling the distribution of marijuana, associations help lobby the government for legalization. They believe that this will lead to the disappearance of the shadow market for cannabis trade. It’s huge in Barcelona! 

Associations against hemp tourism!  

Walking along the Rambla, the main tourist artery of Barcelona, ​​tourists are often invited to “coffee shops”. These are illegal organizations that work only for “newcomers” who can be offered a low-quality cheap product at a good price and not be responsible for the consequences. Recently, cases of hospitalization of tourists with drug poisoning have become more frequent. 

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Do not risk and do not use the services of barkers.

PS Marijuana for medical purposes.

Today, several large medical companies are growing marijuana for research and therapeutic purposes. Studies have shown that cannabis improves the well-being of people with glaucoma, HIV, cancer, or multiple sclerosis. You can buy medical marijuana in cannabis clubs or on the black market. And, despite the presence of an official medical order, such buyers risk being fined for possession of marijuana.

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