Male Psychology After A Breakup- Secret Indications

male psychology after a breakup

Males are taught and socialized to deal with their feelings differently than females. Here comes the relevant advice about male psychology after a breakup.

When a relationship ends, what do males do? Many people believe that “women break up harder, but men break up longer” when dealing with a breakup.

In other words, women tend to grieve openly and quickly after a breakup, while males tend to bury their emotions and put off the healing process for as long as possible.

Researchers found that men tend to feel rage immediately after a breakup and act destructively.

For some men, hitting the bottle or the weights is the best way to “sweat it out” after a breakup, while for others, it’s a way to numb their feelings.

In addition, many guys either cyber stalk their ex or try to block all their ex’s memories from their minds.

Also, many men resume dating quickly after a breakup, but it’s only sometimes because they’re seeking a long-term partner.

Generally speaking, it’s about the excitement of making a new romantic connection. As a result, for male psychology after a breakup, many men engage in what is knowing as “rebounding,” or sexual activity with multiple women at once.

What’s most intriguing is that males often resort to these actions to prevent their self-esteem from taking a hit after a breakup.

Male Psychology After A Breakup Consider High Sense Of Entitlement

male psychology after a breakup

After a breakup, a man’s pride is more deeply ingrained than usual. No one should ever see them cry for fear of what others might think.

Many of us would be disturbing by self-assurance and apparent ease in moving on, but that’s not how life works.

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Men utilize their egos as armor after breakups. Men appear to be biologically predisposed to behave this way, even though doing so only postpones the inevitable.

Men taught from an early age to deal with their feelings in a “masculine” manner and to find courage when things get complicated.

This is why many men go back into dating after a breakup rather than dealing with their emotions.

Additionally, males view confessing emotional pain over a relationship’s demise as a show of weakness.

Men often adopt a “fake it ’til you make it” attitude and wear a shield of pride to hide their emotions instead of talking about them openly.

Why Do Men With Low Self-Esteem Get Bored So Quickly?

male psychology after a breakup

We’ve already discussed how many men, to hide their feelings of insecurity, rush into dating again after a breakup.

The most significant part of male psychology after a breakup is to go beneath someone else, or so the saying goes, according to some guys. Others assume that a new partner will improve their mood.

An insecure man who swiftly moves on to someone else after a breakup is probably not the type you want to stay in touch with. An insecure man is impossible to stay interested in. They can always give you an excuse to go, so it’s best if you do the same.

Because they haven’t taken the time to understand their feelings and why their prior relationships failed, guys like this can never keep a long-term relationship going.

In the long run, insecure men’s tendency to swiftly move on hinders their ability to form meaningful bonds with their relationships.

As a result of internalizing this perspective, men start to see romantic unions as mere “accomplishments” rather than deep, meaningful bonds between two people.

This sets off a vicious cycle of one hookup leading to another, during which women are treating as objects rather than partners.

The only way for males to escape this cycle and learn to deal with the pain of a breakup is if they have a healthy sense of self-worth and can completely experience vulnerability.

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Indication Of Male Psychology After A Breakup

male psychology after a breakup

Expert in ending relationships and author of several books on the subject, also experts discuss the signs that your ex still cares about you in this YouTube video.

Experts reveal four clear indicators that he still loves you despite the split.

1. One indication is that you still hear from your ex consistently.

If your ex is still trying to get in touch with you weeks or months after the breakup, it’s safe to assume that he’s unhappy without you and wants you back, regardless of whether you instituted a No Contact Rule or ignored his texts and calls.

2. He Brings Up The Past Or Refers To A Private Joke.

In addition to the fact related to male psychology after a breakup that he is trying to get in touch with you after the split, the nature of his texts and phone calls should indicate how he feels about the situation. 

The more like you he was when he first broke up with you, the more likely it is that he still loves you when he contacts you.

3. Your Ex Still Cares About You Emotionally, Even After The Relationship Has Ended.

Any signs of anger or sadness from your ex are one of the indications of male psychology after a breakup. They are still thinking about the relationship, assuming you didn’t do anything to hurt their mental health before the split.

4. He’s Giving Mixed Signals (Both Hot And Cold).

Men frequently question their decision to quit a relationship and often change their minds. If that’s the case, he may keep projecting his uncertainty onto you by sending you contradictory messages.

Some Closing Remarks… 

When our hearts are broken, we need time to mend them.

While male psychology after a breakup is no different from women needs time to recover after a breakup, their approach to doing so is frequently puzzling.

Guys may seem more manageable after a breakup than gals do, but that doesn’t imply we have it easy.

Even after all this time has passed, guys still feel sad, miss us, and occasionally even want us back.

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